First off, I'm from India, and things here are not the same way as they are in western countries. I shall just cut to the chase and put out one of the many experiences I have had.

This was, like, four months ago. A HB8 added me up on a social networking app (most of the chicks here in India usually don't do that, they are just too conservative and egotistic to send add requests, instead they just wait for the guys to add them up). The conversation started with she asking me boring stuff, like, what and where do I study, blah blah. I immediately took control, got her number and called her up right then. We talked over texts and phone calls for, like, two-three weeks. We used to talk about a wide range of topics, occasionally playfully argue about some stuff too, and most of the time I ended up outsmarting her. She did ask me to meet her up, I said I would, but deliberately didn't (I was just trying to make her want me more). All that time I could see her feeling attracted to me, wanting to meet me up.

After two weeks I finally went over to meet her up. We met at a coffee shop, chatted over there for a while, and then went out for a walk. I did the 'Five Question' routine on her, and of course, I caught her off the guard. I did some other usual stuff that dhv. Cutting the story short, we had a good time if not great. Although I had a chance to kiss her I couldn't go ahead because it was a public place (Yeah, kissing in public is considered a big deal here in India. Sucks very much!). At the time of leaving, I couldn't accompany her till her home as I had some urgent business to take care of.

I called her up two days after the date, had normal talk. But since then she started ignoring me. I sent her two cocky, funny texts instead of the boring 'Hi, what's up?'. All I got in reply was that she was busy and would get back to me later. That hurt my ego, and I didn't either text her or call her at the risk of sounding desperate. Finally, I texted her a week ago asking a totally random question, but no reply from her.

Right now I have other options apart from this babe, but, like I said earlier, this one is a solid 8. I would like to have one last go at her before moving on. I'm still new at this sarging thing, and would like to know the opinions of experienced players about where did I fark up, and how do I make the last shot count without sounding desperate whatsoever. Any inputs, advices are all welcome.