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    Default Guide : First Date Do's and Don'ts For Men

    The Dating Rule Book

    Note: as far as my life knowledge goes, this is what i do know about this chapter. I urge you all to add or even remove from it as you deem fit and I'll do the necessary changes to the article (:

    Previously, Ive created a list of what women want from guys, Today, i shall continue with my list of what women don't want. There are a lot of things that women don't want to see in her man, or rather, prefer not to see. It varies from woman to woman. However, i shall tell you the few things that most women wouldn't want.


    1. Wandering Eye Syndrome
    Too often we guys let our eyes wander around when talking to women. It wanders more often than not, to things that catch our eyes like a Hot Babe or a hot babe. THIS IS SOMETHING WE MUST GET RID OF. Women feel terribly insulted when your eye wanders off elsewhere, whether it be a balloon or a hot babe (much more serious), as this shows that something besides themselves has won over your attention and in that brief moment, you actually lost interest in them. So, whether it be a nude babe or captain Jack sparrow, do your best to refrain from having your eye wander off. Respect your date, give her your undivided attention, at least when she's around

    2. Treat a First Date As a First Date
    Okay, this doesn't only apply to the first date, it applies to the first few dates. There are certain rules and protocols that govern the tradition of first dates, and we must adhere by them. Don't immediately jump into things, even if there were sparks and the stars aligned on your first date. You'll only regret it in the future if you don't know a girl enough before fully committing yourself. In other words, never skip "The Friend phase".

    3. Do Not Invade Her Personal Space
    Everyone needs their own personal space, don't get too close on the first date, or the second, or as long as you do not officially have been given the "Go Ahead" sign from her. Sure, she may have agreed to go out for lunch with you, but foreplay definitely wasn't one of her orders. So, be wary of invading her personal space as you wouldn't want to make her feel uncomfortable in any way when she's out with you. You want to leave the best impression you can at the end of the date, and being touchy and invasive isn't one of them

    4. Do Not Bring Up The Ex-Girlfriends
    Your ex-girlfriends are not something you should / could boast about, there's absolutely nothing nice to hear about it. Women hate to hear about the ex, as it draws a subconscious immediate comparison battle in every aspect with the ex. Perhaps you could replace "I went with my ex to..." to "I went with my female friend to...", there should absolutely be no mention of them. You're moving on with your life with dating again, so the past memories should be left behind too. Any mention of your ex-girlfriend only makes the girl you're currently going out with think that you haven't gotten over them, if not, why should you ever mention them? It's a universal understood rule not to.

    5. Do Not Get Jealous
    You may have withheld not saying anything about your ex-girlfriends, but she may have not done the same about her ex-boyfriends. Always learn to play it cool and calm. Never ever let jealousy take over and rule your decisions, you'll only turn sour and spoil the date. In fact, it would be better to join in the "discussions" about her ex-boyfriends if she does bring it up, show how mature and unaffected you are by them. Also, don't hyperventilate at every message she receives from a guy, you don't own her, and even if you did as you two are together already, it's never nice to force her to compromise her guy friends over you.

    Anyway, that's what i got for what women don't want to see in guys, I urge you all to add or even remove from this chapter by commenting below.
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