Hey guys, I need some help on this one.
On first date, I always go for at least a k-close. Do some routine, cockology game, Kino a lot and definitely kiss the girls.

This one was different. I approached her in my university, #-closed her, make some text- and facebook-game and asked her out. I take her to a coffee pub, like all my dates, do my stuffm - she gace some ioi, but I wasn't able to reach the breaking point. YOu now, the point, when you can see thet she is craving for the kiss, and waiting for my move - this is my favourite part of 1st dates.

So it just didn't come. I build enough comfort, but maybe I diodn't build enough attraction. YOu have to know that she is a very shy and cute one, doesn't really make eye contact easily, always apologies when accidentaly she interrupts me whil talking, things like that.
By the end of the date, it gets even a bit harder to even kino her, so finally, I didn't kiss her. It has never happened to me, I always k-close in first dates. So right now, I don't know what to do next,
It made me thinking that maybe she doesn't even like me - but we definitely had a great time ad enjoy each other's company.

What do you guys think I should do? Freeze her out a bit, or go for a 2nd date soon? And how to behave with her if I bumped into her on the school?