I'm need some advice on how to text the hooters hostess I picked up ytd.

I know these girls are used to the attention and probably have a few guys trying this every single day. I'm very new to text game, and personally I think I should call her, but before I make my move, I wanted to see what you guys think is probably the best approach.

Here's the back story.

"So it's pretty much been my fourth day of sarging. I've been quite successful so far getting at least a number a day. I attribute it largely to the advice I've been reading on the forum and also to my "whats the worst that can happen" attitude. I have little Approach Anxiety and usually plan a few rebuttals to negate the instant 'no' i usually get, since I'm not particularly good looking. I try to make them laugh and loosen up and they eventually give up their numbers.

Most importantly I've been having so much fun doing this, I actually get excited every morning waking up and thinking about who I should go sarge and where we will do it.

Anyway, I went to hooters today to work out, I use the gym there because I'm pretty high up on the players club level and the equipment is actually better than the ones near my house in Las Vegas.

Rode my motorcycle out today and I have this golden metal glitter helmet (think 70's easy rider shit) that I carry with me around since I don't wanna leave it on my bike and have it potentially stolen.

Upon arrival at Hooters, I wanted to use comps to get a quick free lunch before heading to the gym.

The hostess, as she was sitting me started complimenting my helmet, I bantered that I had made it myself, painted it and also put speakers into the ear cavities. (I own a business doing this and wasn't bullshitting)

Anyway, as I was eating, I kept thinking to myself that since I already had a conversational item started, I needed to practice some pickup and if I actually succeeded, I would actually have the number of a girl whom I thought was extremely beautiful.

I knew I had pictures of custom helmets I had made for customers the week before and some of them were pink and meant for ladies.

As I left the restaurant, I walked by her and had this conversational exchange

me: hey! glad u're still here. I wanted to show you something. (shows pink helmet) I think you will look awesome in this. Tell you what $400 and its yours.

her: oh wow, it's really nice, blah blah blah.......... but that's too much

me: well, I'll make you a deal, $200 and I can have it by you next week (I wanted to push her into telling me she doesn't ride)

her: I don't even drive! (B!NGO!!!!)

me: well, you don't have to be riding a bike to have a nice helmet, you can always buy it for when you go on rides with someone, like on the back seat. Have you ever ridden before?

her: no, never! I'm too scared of dying.

me: well, we need to change that. (phone already in my hand: passes it to her) here, give me your number and I'll call you this weekend and we'll go on a ride, I promise I'm safe!

her: oh noooo, sorry. we can't give our numbers out.

me: why not?

her: our manager will kill us, plus there are cameras that will catch us. here write your number down here on this paper.

her friend butts in at this point and reaffirms that policy of no number giving

me: well, your manager is not looking, your friend won't tell. I'm holding my phone up and we're talking, you can just say your number I know if I write my number down you're just gonna throw it away.

her: no, I won't, just write it down.

I noticed at this point she was getting a little annoyed, she looked away and started putting menus away, a change from when she was actually really interested at looking at my works.

She eventually did give her number and I mentioned I will call her sometime this weekend.

But I'm wondering what would be a good next step since I never established any IOIs from her aside from her interest in listening to me talk about my business and also looking at my work, plus the observation that she was flustered when giving me her number (which could have been another reaction, I'm very new to this so I might be observation a wrong reaction)

Anyway, I really like this girl, she is beautiful, seems awesome, and I would genuinely love to go out with her Not to score, but to actually get to know her.

Please, advice on what you guys think should be my next step?"