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    Default Hey, guys. How should I reply back?

    Me: Aliens are coming to abduct all the good looking sexy people! You will be safe, I'm just texting to say goodbye.

    Her: Haha, well at least I won't have my organs removed. Good luck

    Me:Well one less problem to have. I've got 99 problems but an organ ain't one. If you having girl problems I feel bad for you son. I got 99 problems but an organ ain't one....Smh I have no where that came from. Disregard that. I'm gonna jump in front of a train now

    Heron't ever be a rapper lol

    Me:No! Don't ruin my dreams. So what's up? I bet my spring break can beat your spring break.

    Her:I won't but you need to practice. Practice makes perfect. What did you do for spring break?

    Me:How was Kennedy space center? Was it nice how I left it or did you break it?

    Her:I actually didn't go because I couldn't find a vacant hotel so I hung out with friends and watched British tv shows.

    Me: I went to the zoo! I was 10 again! Lol I went fishing! The beach. Adventure all through downtown and found a really good pizza place. So you stayed in town after all? Ha! Interesting lol What shows did you watch?

    Her: The musketeers lol

    Me: Oh the new one? Speaking of shows. You have netflix? I finished watching this really, but I mean really good French show called The Returned. Binge watch that like right now. Well, finish talking with me then watch it lol it's awesome

    Her: Yeah, on bbc. I know the show you're talking about. Is it in instant?

    Me: Not sure.

    Her: I'll check

    Me: Did you see the new game of thrones trailer

    Her: Yup. And the returned is on instant

    Me: Oh good! Watch it later though. If you get scared watching it you can call me
    Do horror films frightening you? Or are you brave enough to watch them on your own?

    Her: I don't get scared. My life is a horror story, so I'm used to it. My mom wants me to watch this show about Henry viii so I'll talk to you later

    I know I messed up in a lot of stuff on here, but I also feel like it's totally not dead. This was all last night. I was thinking of responding today with this :Escape you horror life story today and let's make it a fun, adventures cheesy comedy, today!

    But since I've asked her out before and each time that I did she said she couldn't because of midterms, I'm thinking that I have not created much attraction/comfort for her to say yes on a date. So my other thought was to maybe ask what makes her life a horror story. Try to connect emotionally with that and then try to slid a meet up. What you guys think? Again, thank you for reading and learn from my mistakes.

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    Default Re: Hey, guys. How should I reply back?

    Right now just try to built comfort and rapport. She has to get to know you and know you're fun before she says yes. Also don't forget that she might have been telling you the truth about those midterms.( don't always assume girls are lying when they flake once or twice.) anyway built comfort and rapport, be fun!! Don't be one of those cliché guys put there. If it turns out that she's not interested then just cut your loses.
    You lose some you win some, learn from your mistakes and get better!

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    Default Re: Hey, guys. How should I reply back?

    Yes, try to go out with her more. youll just create temporary attraction thru text. when you go out make sure you use build up comfort unleash your c&f side and Kino hard. Goodluck
    Do well, Live well... And Dress really well.

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