So, I decided to join DH after some buds said they has some luck with the site. I joined and found a HB8 local to me, and here is the conversation so far. I didn't try to come off being mean or disrespectful or anything, but I think she took it the wrong way..... Now I'm kinda stuck on what to say next......

TG: I was browsing the profiles and found yours of all people. At first your picture caught my eye, but I couldn't help but wondering is there more to you than your looks?

HB8: there is always more to a person than just a few pictures..

TG: Oh...... you're one of THOSE girls...... Since you're shy... I'll go first... My name is TG... I'm Aquarius... I bite... Now you go!

HB8: im not exactly what you mean by THOSE girls.. but dont stereotype me... and im "HB8".