Me: Why'd you poke me

Her: I don't remember poking you. If I did, it's probably because it said you poked me. I never poke someone first

Me: why whats wrong with poking

Her: What? Nothing?

Me: Okayyy

Her: I'm so confused

Me: Yes
Me: I mean maybe

Her: Maybe what?

Me: Oh wait I thought you said something different, I'mconfused now lol
Me: do you know this kids show called Sam and Cat, there's this girl with red hair, you look JUST like her

Her: Like Cat?

Me: Cat?
Me: Ohhh yeah that's it, I dont watch it much I only watched Drake and Josh

Her: I look nothing like her haha

Me: Is your hair dyed red in the picture with the lottery tickets or am I just crazy

Her: Haha I think it's just the lighting