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    Default Should I even bother trying to get this girl out anymore?

    Started chatting with this very cute 26 yo asian chick off okcupid. Saw she viewed my profile, shot her a message. Our online conversation ends with me suggesting we meet up for drinks, her response "sounds good hit me up sometime(her number)"

    Here's where our phone text conversation starts:
    (march 28th)
    Me: Hey Lisa, its blindbat
    Her: Lol well hello blindbat!
    Me: What sort of trouble are you getting into tonight?
    Her: Lol not too much, I'm actually in Vega this wknd with the girls.

    (march 31st)
    Me: How was the Vegas trip... Any strippwe shows? Kink parties? Midget throwing contests? ;-)
    Her: Lol duhh.. Would it have been Vegas without those things?
    Me: Lol... I was just there in Jan, fun times.
    Her: Yeah we actually had a pretty chill time all things considered. Was a good time tho. I'd missed my girls!
    Me: That's cool. When are you free this week to grab some drinks and exchange a couple of Vegas stories?
    Her: Likely sometime this weekend, I've got a lot to catch up on though work and school wise so it'd be best for me if we can play it by ear.
    Me: Ok sounds good

    (april 5th - today)
    Me: Hey gangsta, how's your Saturday?
    Her:Hey! Its going well, how's yours?
    Me:Going awesome... Big day for college basketball. You like sports?
    Her:Love sports! I want Wisconsin to win.
    Me: Same here. I'm going to watch the game at Goose Island. How about meeting me there?
    Her: Dang I wish I could but I've made plans to hang with my dad tonight.. :-/

    Really? You made plans to hang with your dad on saturday night? I find that hard to believe. Was that her way of telling me to fuk off?

    Should I even bother responding? Keep inviting her out?

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    Default Re: Should I even bother trying to get this girl out anymore?

    Was that her way of telling me to fuk off?
    no, it was her way of saying,
    "I want to meet you, but I don't know you well enough to feel safe meeting you"

    keep texting her and build more comfort.

    btw don't ask her out every time you text her, it looks really needy to girls when guys do that. sometimes girls even see just how many times they can reject a guy before he'll give up. lol

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