Granted you meet a hot girl but you never know how it is gonna go regardless if she is innocent as a peach, nice as can be, maybe you guys made out but something happens something goes wrong so never let her sweet little demeanor fool you. They always have a rejection strategy up their sleeve. HB's may seem innocent and sweet but what I have noticed is they always have outlandish ways of getting rid of me and it kept shocking the hell out of me. Best to go in prepared knowing they are going to be playing hard ball. Maybe you over texted, maybe you said something that turned her off, maybe you were too much of a Nice Guy, maybe you didn't try hard enough to challenge her, or maybe you just couldn't pass her fitness tests.

Either way it boils down to one thing. The girl doesn't respond very often as a way to piss us off and make us act needy by over texting or getting mad at her aloof behavior. If not handled well the girl rejects and we get mad and go nuts by being needy or aggressive. When this happens her "intuition" proves true about you that you are just like the other guys. This has happened countless times. I had Dime Pieces telling me I was turning them on in the Club and then call me a freak the days following that interaction. It was before I realized how to initiate that I lost it due to the same problem.

I would text and usually get no response so I would over do it and over text even more to which I got the shaft and then further proved their point by getting pissed. My intention is to stop this behavior and even in midst of a myriad of BS to maintain my resolve and keep calm. No matter what happens to act like the girls and act like "It means nothing to me". Because after all this is how they treat me. We had a great time together and they act like they don't even give a flying fark if I jumped off a bridge today much less take them out and fark them.

How to Interact over text: Non-neediness
For now on every new girl I will view it like this: A Stranger. Nothing to me but a stranger.
Have a BF? Great but you gave me your number last night Playette and totally lead me on. Where exactly did you see this thing going, to the bedroom?
Leaving me for your Ex? Awesome because I wasn't expecting that. I thought we had a nice moment together and just couldn't wait to hear that because I was planning on farking your brains out.
Don't Remember Me? Yeah like I believe that one. Maybe you'll remember me when you are uttering my name in a wild night of lust.

You get the picture but the goal as I mentioned earlier is to frame sex as the Ultimate Joke. I will constantly frame sex since if I just framed it for a few days and then switched to the Nice Guy again they will forget about my edgy side and see me as a predictable Nice Guy. So obviously not all the time but framing sex will have to become a constant in order for her to associate me and her with the idea of farking. That way when she thinks of me she is getting turned on because this is the guy that is in touch with his sexual side. That way when they throw me those BS stories about how they are trying to get rid of me I will politely remind them that my name is associated with sex and that way they will always remember it was them that was the enemy of fun not me.

The Stranger Effect
In my life experience only my loved ones have hurt me the deepest and the worst. Knowing this I have been getting upset at these girls who I barely know for no reason. So from now on I will just treat them like a Stranger and when they totally give me the finger I will simply say "Pleasure meeting you however you are just a Stranger and only my loved ones can hurt me." and that will be the way to "One Up" them. Because I remember it's not always about getting a BF for them sometimes they just want to fark you around. If this is the case I simply treat them the way they should be treated, strangers. That way when I get the "Oh I have a BF" "Oh I forgot about you sorry" I will be totally like "No Problem because I never develop feelings for strangers anyway." This way I can disengage my feelings right away from any new girl and constantly remind myself "She is just a stranger, she is just a stranger." Most guys make the mistake of "thinking" that new girl who is so sweet and innocent likes them so they go all out telling her how they feel and about how much they are "that one" they can't live without. Not anymore. I take the attitude of the HB on this one. They act like they have so many options they can reject any guy in the World because there is always more. Well you know what I say? There is always more. Always more HB's which is plenty of reason enough to never go emotional and needy on another HB, unless they ask.