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    Typhoon Guest

    Default Game Going Nowhere?

    (it sucks to be this horny for one woman)

    Ive said before that I like gaming girls in message boards. Well, there was this one girl from an adult message board that really piqued my curiosity about a year ago. She was smart. The avatars she was using were just really hornifying. Her posts suggested she has a great attitude towards sex. And we really hit it off. I mean, she was replying to my private messages and all that.

    But she had a policy of not meeting up or giving away her digits. I let it go. I didnt try too hard and wed exchange PMs once in a while. I knew I really got to her because she left me several messages in my YM. I never responded.

    Fast forward to here and now. She has been real active in the board again and I couldnt resist chatting her up (because she is now letting guys from the board view her perky bewbs!). She was like aww, shoot in her status message, vocal about being nervous, about remembering me, etc. Basically, shes vocal about being into me but still she refuses to meet. At one point during the conversation, I asked her pointblank why I needed to seduce her when she already wants me. I apologized for the cockiness and was worried for awhile that the Bitch Shield will be up, but I guess it turned out well in my favor because she gave me her number.

    So of course I wasted no time. I called and texted pushing to meet. Sometimes, Id apologize for being persistent and say am backing off. But whenever I Freeze Out, she will be texting that shes sad about her phone being quiet. Wtf right?

    Of course Ive thought several times that she isnt worth the effort. And I am actually dating someone else regularly. I just cant stop because I am really into her (sexually!) and its not like am not moving forward. Plus, I know am just an AFC compared to the true blue PUAs but I have been generally able to get whoever I want which makes this deal with her uber frustrating. I just know Id be able to do a full close if I get her to agree to meet but I sometimes really wonder if shes all worth it.

    (am gonna try attaching one of the pics she's sent me later)
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    Instinct Guest

    Default Re: Game Going Nowhere?

    I would say ignore internet dating altogether, at least the beginning of your pua journey. Build up a good social circle, go to clubs and coffee shops, meet real women, and have sex with them. For all you know, that girl is really a man posting up pictures of his neighbor and jerking off to your text messages.

    I know you guys like internet dating, but I think living life vicariously through the internet is why 50% (ok like 90%) of the guys are even here. More internet is probably not a solution.

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    Smash Guest

    Default Re: Game Going Nowhere?

    Instinct is exactly right. If she is BSing on the meeting it's probably really a dude or something. Take the advice and get off the net. It's not the way to meet girls. Go somewhere and meet some people in person. It's much easier

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    Bare_Legs Guest

    Default Re: Game Going Nowhere?

    Lolz. If she's not a dude, then she must be real ugly or married. Have you at least seen her on cam?

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    slasherguy Guest

    Default Re: Game Going Nowhere?

    I agree to the posts. Don't let yourself indulged in internet dating. There is a great chance that the infos presented are not real. Maybe the "girl" who frequently chats with you on the message board is not a real girl. You exert so much effort in winning that girl with all high hopes, but it may turn to be a fraud. You'll end up frustrated and disappointed. I say, go out. Meet real people. Enjoy the company of real girls.

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    Typhoon Guest

    Default Re: Game Going Nowhere?

    Bare_legs... i've only seen her chest on cam

    Well, I'd just like to share that i've half-followed the advice here. I like to believe that I do have a healthy social and sex life even if I don't go out every night. But i've stopped pressing her to meet and waiting for her to go online. We still keep in touch though, usually directing each other to Youtube videos we like via e-mail.

    Do I still wanna hit her? Badly! But i don't tell her that anymore.

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    trishabcarson Guest

    Default Hiiiii....

    (removed my admin)


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