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    Matrix Guest

    Default Re: Too busy to go out after one-night stand

    Quote Originally Posted by Coyote View Post
    dig it matrix.... i do the gay one a bit, probably cos some girls need a lot of talking before anything is possible sexually. "but i am hot" they seem to say and i go honey yes you are but you gotta have a little more than that to interest me. i believe in chicks doing a little work for me. heavens forbid some AFC breaks his ass to marry her and has his life ruined despite the fact that he thinks he has made it supporting some lazy tart who won't work. and she prbably comes from generations of women who won't work in the sack.... they just lie there and go fark me. I'm hot. they think their looks alone gets us hard. if she is boring she is boring no matter how she's packaged.

    i have a much better night on my own with the ice cream, a dvd, and my hand than i do with some "hot" tart who wastes my time and has her self esteem in her boots

    yep matrix the gay routine can go on a long time and if any gay blokes come along they usually get it and your standard queen who really is gay and not just confused are pretty cool guys fairly often. can be very very valuable pivots. thing with the poofs is they understand what its like to have a struggle in life and are actually good conversation and have thought about things very deeply. there are some hot babes that i would actually knock back to hang out with a few gay men for the evening.

    i got a gay bar i go to when i want to get away from the world of (good looking) chumps who have nothing going on. the gay men and women often seem to get it and they often show a bit of love and respect for each other

    hell sometimes i wish i was gay but i tell the babes i am a celibate gay man and if they are lucky i might take them shopping but there is to be no throwing themselves at me whatsoever. they think i am hilarious but often I am actually quite serious then they gotta have me
    Nice, sounds like you've got a good setup.
    I typically use the gay line as a one-liner. I've never really played it out (although i could see the Kino benefits)

    I'm working on creating a pure lines book that im giving away (free) to my readers, should be done in a couple months. Tons of golden-nugget one-liners

    To the OP: update us man, whats happened

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    Instinct Guest

    Default Re: Too busy to go out after one-night stand

    I think most guys run the gay thing wrong. I use the gay thing when I want to screw quickly, if it "runs too long" you did it way too wrong. It's a way to speed the sex proccess.

    If you are meeting for a date, or god forbid a second or third date, and you are thinking "God this is taking a long time to get into a sexual undertone" then blew it, welcome to friendsville, or even worse, welcome to, "That idiot who buys me shit and will only get mild sprinkles of sexual attention when I want something....ville"

    I would give away the right way to run the gay thing, but uhmmm....later, I have given away too much today, ask me next week. (come on guys, just go practice a few times a week, and try new stuff, and push yourself, it's that easy.)

    Finally, onto the actual question. Uhmm, why are you getting her number, calling her and texting her if you don't want to go out with her? You know she isn't interested in just a sexual relationship, she wants you to buy her shit, take her out somewhere nice, treat her like a women, which is ok, if you want that. But you had to AFC it up and hide your true intentions. If I want a girl only for sex, I tell her that before the first time we have sex.

    "Listen, I am not looking for anything complicated right now, I am looking for something purely physical"

    Does it get shot down 9 times out 10, hell yea, but I am stating my intentions clearly, like a man.

    A typical AFC is ashamed of what he really wants, and will use deception (to himself and others) to try and get it, because he believes that he doesn't deserve it.

    Step 1, What do you feel and want?
    Step 2, Do you deserve this? (if no, then you cant be a pua, wont work)
    Step 3, Give yourself permission to feel and want it. Dont be afraid to want to just fuck and not go out on dates, and dont be ashamed of it and deceive the girl.

    I don't lie to myself. I don't lie to other people. If that is what I want, or feel, or did, or like, or dislike, then it is what it is.

    If you want just sex, start going to swingers clubs and parties. And say listen, I would love to hang out, but I am looking for something more in the physical area than the emotional one, I just don't want that right now.

    And for these girls, tell them the same thing "I am not looking for that sort of thing right now".

    I have so much more respect for women nowadays than men. Men tend to be embarrassed and ashamed of what they want and feel, so much so, that the Average Man/Women dynamic is either that of a Mother and Son (man actually plays stupid and the women rewards him for good behavior scolds him for bad, and I fuck her when he is at work) or low self esteem girl who needs some cocky wannabe to pretend to bring herself up.

    (cocky wannabe means, I want something, but I am too embarrassed to say it, so I act macho to see if that works, very disingenuous )

    When I walk in, not even using any tactics, I am a man, not a boy. I know what I want and I know how to get it, and I go get it. Women tend to be so relieved to have actually found a guy who isn't either a boy or a weirdo, that they quickly run with it. The game is just an extra feather in your hat, a list of good ideas to make the interaction even more exciting. My foundation is myself, not an e-book.

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    Coyote Guest

    Default Re: Too busy to go out after one-night stand

    i do the gay thing kinda cocky and funny and they like it cos i am told by girls i am a very hetero guy and i have a few gay friends. as a matter of fact more than a few guys and girls of the gay community in this city love me cos i am a very blokey bloke who treats people on their spiritual qualities and don't get involved in the gay stygma. in fact i use someones homosexuality against them if i know it affects them but some of my closest friends have biggest helpers have been gay men who i considered real men and sexuality just wasn't in our friendship.

    the thing with claiming gay is i am calling them on their prejudice by seeing if they will call me on what they may presume is mine. its a "how well do you really know me" thing and if a chick cant have a laugh and talk sex she can bugger off. i sorta weed out the small minded ones by the time i do this cos if this routine washes she is gonna be real comfortable with me

    i do it on the premise that if i spoke like this you would slap my face but because I am gay you love me... i challenge them on their predjuce and say something a reverse racist is worse that a racist any day. it fucks with em but i don't want to hang with anyone who is a boring stiff hypocrite..... what is she gonna be like in the sack if she can't have fun

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    Default Re: Too busy

    Quote Originally Posted by Roy Hobbs View Post
    I have got some number while going out. I call and text the girl but the girls are starting to ask if I am ever going to take them out on a date. How should I handle this?
    A little background would help giving you real answers.
    Do you want to go out with them? F them? F them, again? Never see them again? Be fjust friends with them?

    Have you been with these women? Your OP just says you got their numbers and you call/text them.

    Obviously, at least one of them is very interested (in free food or you, wee don't know).

    Perhaps, you should give us a larger picture. I'm standing by the elephant's leg and all I can feel is a tree truck. (Bonus points if you get the reference). Otherwise, you can be satisfied with the sidetracked posts you received after everyone got gaga over the gay bit. Nothing wrong with it, but it would have been better as its own thread.
    I have failed more than most men have tried.

    Every woman you pass up is a woman you will never have.

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