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Thread: LDRR, online game .. urgent advise needed on maintaining attraction!

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    Default LDRR, online game .. urgent advise needed on maintaining attraction!

    If you don't feel like reading just skip the short-story and scroll down to the conversation:

    I am in a long distance romance relationship with a 26 years-old HB8,
    i've build a lot of comfort, we sext-skype once a week or every 2 weeks,
    we're both from a country where bf-gf lifestyle and sex is religiously forbidden and socially unacceptable.

    To make a long story short,
    It's just a typical LDR relationship where their's a range of semi-cold times
    then warm-romance times etc..

    Although i have to admit,
    i am a bit of a nice-pushy-angry guy sometimes i get carried out by emotions.
    anyways she's not like in a country where theirs a load of options for her or a lot of male-female interactions.

    No need to state our whole relationship happenings.

    So, It all comes down to the last 6-days events where we got into a so-called
    real-love-state after an over the top sext-skype,
    for the first time after 7-months,
    we both started to express freely our emotions towards each other via mails
    as we use skype lately just for sexting .

    However, on email she turns into that sometimes-bitch

    I consider being High-value in her POV, as i have a hard worked body..
    common future business interests, beat her in MATH, practice a lot of PUA routines on her, etc

    Texting ( i won't post our skype-sexting i'll just post our mails, response times vary ):
    Here's our latest conversations via emails POST-last-direct-skype-interaction where it went extremely well.
    2 hours post sext-skype:

    ME: Miss me yet : P ?

    HB: A loooooooooot

    HB: Silence is a limitation and speech is lust, what's salvation?

    ME: Salvation is that i cum again just imagining you dirty-dancing on my 16.8 c.m, in fact this message carries some of your favorite drink, ohh Looooove you.

    HB: I don't loooooove you. you cheater, how can you cum without me how CAN you not cum on my tits & ass, and what shall i say to my mouth and legs when they dry : (

    ME: lol, it sounds fun right :P per your interpretation of cheating, it does sound like i should be on Guinness World Records under the term cheating,heehe
    ohh how much i love you horny gal, i suggest you tell them tomorrow is sooner
    as i am gonna rain on the desert of your thirst femininity restless desires of successive. and hey , 1+1= 16.8 cm ; )

    HB: Just ohhhhhhhhh : P

    ME: I suggest you attend some flirting courses, it'll be useful for your C.V
    Actually from now on you're [my name] bodyguard,as for paying, well there's no pay,
    you receive tomorrow : P (attached youtube music link)

    HB: You're the flirt,love and life. i study and understand you to live you reality in my hands. i love you and thanks for the music.

    ME: Sweet dreams, sexy gal ; )

    HB: don't cheesepare your river in the dream (heart)

    **fell asleep just to wake up on her message** :

    HB: my morning starts with you (heart), your girl wish a morning with you, along with a cup of coffee, your smile, perfume. cuts all of this the voice of my heart beating my joy of you...

    ME: we missed wishing you a good morning, let's be aware of this evening. good evening [hb name] (heart).

    ME: Yew my heart, make me a cup of coffee : ) and kiss your little two beloved brothers on their cheeks.

    HB: hey, the welcome, the greetings the joy and the gleeful, i wish you're with me, good evening with longing and love, evening that's worth of you, i love you.

    ME: Good evening with longing and pleasure, your soul delights the heart, i feel extremely positive energy today and the reason is you, if i were with you, you'd be in my arms, i love you.

    HB: (attached youtube flamenco music link) enjoy with me (heart).

    ME: Thanks for your nice taste, I enjoyed especially you're flamenco dancing.

    HB: Sorry, i 'll be little late : ( I promise to compensate my delay.

    ME: Yeah i'll prepare my bank accounts, just finished a hot-bath and having some push-ups. chat with you at 1:30.

    HB: prepare your towel & clothes, and come we'll have a shower together, i 'll be on skype within 5 minutes : )

    ***So we sext-skype while she's in a hot-tub : ) we had a lot of dirty talk with a lot of love and fun, our conv. ends extremely well along with her mentioning future projections with me and she mentions something about her mastery study and that she's going to be busy till Thursday which is obviously today.

    *** Monday

    ME: hey sweetheart, what are you doing studying eh? i want you to be GOLD, i swear out of all the girls i've talked to you're the best. meet you Thursday evening so you can focus on your mastery study, Eat well. i want it big sexy : ) love you.

    HB: hey, what if i said i can't stand being far from you : (,
    fark the study & the future And I do not care about everything in the world except you.

    HB: i love you [my name] i love youuu a lot, talk soon. bye

    HB: My phone background [it was my pic]

    ME: Amazing! hugs and love.

    ME: send me a pic of your hand i'll make it my phone bg and kiss it, hey
    i'll also add to our future to-do list a run to the desert and
    lead you to practice weapons firing, just got back from gym got a hot bath
    and busy doing some work. love you

    Note: she doesn't comply and send her pic also she doesn't reply to that.

    *** Tuesday

    ME: hey marilyn menchen (call-back humor nickname), what kind of trouble are you causing ?

    HB: Good evening with Roses and peach and longing and rain, gathered what i love for you, actually doing nothing but thinking to slaughter my grandmother and beat my teacher till he bite the floor also the maid i'd like to swipe her hear :d would you pay the bail?

    ME: And wouldn't you like to invade the middle east?, Evening honey and water and every viscous liquid : $ leave them alone and let me play with you on skype today before you sleep :$ btw what's did you cook for dinner today?

    HB: love you, talk tomorrow morning (heart)

    ME: Don't know what you've done to me [hb name] haha, but you're living in my mind be online at 6:00. love you

    *** Pre-hours of our supposed skype-sexting ( she sends this my way)

    HB: i'am roaming around a cloud of depression and boredom, tried to get rid
    of it in every possible way but couldn't, in the current time i can't even
    stand myself what if someone else. so i apologize from getting online.

    ME: nothing, just wanted to hug you and get you to sleep in my arms because i miss you. anyways [her name]..
    i'll wait half an hour if you didn't show up i'll sleep.

    *****She doesn't show up, but she's active on her twitter account : ( << heart brake lol..

    ***i decided to ramp this up a bit after 2 hours of our supposed meet-up that she flaked on:

    ME: [her name] dorkbutt, sleeping eh? hahahaha! i just grabbed what's covering you on bed, drink water .. breath deep, and day dream about me, that should get you through also eat well so you can handle that BIG-JMC jeep till you'r cornflakes get covered with milk haha

    HB: Morning Roses, i didn't even sleep, i don't even want myself : (, thinking from yesterday what to wear for our future desert weapon-training trip, so i am busy with you and you haven't dropped from my mind

    HB: yea and don't say about me dork butt : (
    i am just having some difficult conditions and fickle mood, or else how wonderful i am : |

    ME: i bet you'd look sexy with high heels, sexy skirt and tight leggings
    maybe your mood is like that because you want me so bad : $,
    also from where i come dorkbutt is an indication of amiability.

    ME: i'am now swiping your hair with my hand and biting your neck,
    then i drag you to me and hug you from behind : $ kiss me on your phone heehe


    ME: Hey, meet you on skype before i travel tomorrow at 12:00 night.

    ***Got No response, she's active on twitter which means she read my email!
    sorry for the poor English as the texts are being translated.
    So, here's the whole shit.

    i have a feeling she won't show up on skype to sext with me
    should i ignore the fact that she's not responding?
    should i freeze her out if she doesn't show up on skype to sext with me?
    call her out on that especially it's a second flake if i don't think i should buy into that depression cloud bs excuse ?
    should i just be playful?
    ya overthinking! i just like to know what's the best course of action?

    A side note:
    i know it seems a lot of romance on both sides but believe me i 've known this girl for nearly 7 months and i've never got that far with her showing that much of love and shit so i don't want to screw all of this up. i'd like to keep it warm as i really enjoy her and there's a semi-long history between both of us.

    ok no more one-itis or scarcity...
    Suggestions,inputs are highly appreciated.

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    Default Re: LDRR, online game .. urgent advise needed on maintaining attraction!

    12:30 am, she doesn't show up. should i send an email?

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    Default Re: LDRR, online game .. urgent advise needed on maintaining attraction!

    Here's one of the biggest problems I noticed right away....
    You said: i am a bit of a nice-pushy-angry guy sometimes i get carried out by emotions.

    NEVER let your emotions control your actions.... EVER!
    Especially anger or jealousy!
    That sends soooooooo many red flags to a girl that you'll pretty much end up shooting yourself in the foot.

    It sounds like you've been in contact for several months.
    How often do you get together in person?
    And have you ever been physically sexually active in real life?

    Need one on one private coaching? PM me for details.

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