Hey everyone, new to the forum. Been reading some of the threads for awhile, then had a situation over the last couple days I wanted to post about.

Basically, I met a girl who was a dealer at a casino, very flirty, zoned in on me lots of personal banter etc. So after a couple times going up and playing at her table I got her number and we go to IHop after she gets off. Good conversation, ends with a hug and her texting me to say thank you and make sure I got home ok...

I was going to let it go for a day or two but she continues to text me daily, asking me about work and all that. Tells me shes off Friday, and I tell her that Ill come to town after work (I live an hour away from her) and we can hang out. Friday comes, I call her in the afternoon - no answer - didnt leave voicemail - dont hear from her the rest of the day.

Saturday evening she texts me and says "you forgot about me". I told her I called her and didnt get a response so I made other plans. She says she didnt get the call and then says Sunday shes off. So we make plans to go grab a bite to eat and catch a movie. The next day I call in the afternoon to make sure everything is good...same thing. no answer, didnt leave a voicemail, havent heard anything since.

I know I shouldnt care and should just move on, but Im conflicted on if maybe I should have left a voicemail or tried at least once more to call? I live an hour away, I wasnt about to drive there and show up when I couldnt even get a hold of her or a call back. Should I have done something different?