I was a lurker here for a few months, and Ive been registered but quiet for another few months. Im starting to have some success so I want to thank the community here and share some results. T-Mal, meteora, lilsting, TheDuke, DirectIsBest, Kino, plenty more I cant think of... You guys are great helps and Im glad youre here! The thread below is still going and Im sure will turn into a hook up, but any advice you guys might have on how to improve further would be awesome! Thanks for helping us all learn!

This is an OKC conversation I had today!

Im leaving out time stamps because the whole thing took about an hour.

Girl : Its always weird sending the first message. I just really like your answers and I thought we would click. Anyways. Hi!

Me : Hi! I should check your answers I guess!! Do we match or do we have an interesting contradiction??

Girl : Well. 84% match. I say that's pretty good.

Me : Now the real question... are you old enough for me??

Girl : Haha. Well Im not 18 but Im not 30. Lets say I have more experience than age. Im 28.

Me : Haha if youre willing to try... we can see if you can keep up with me. Also... I think all guys have an "18" exception. 30 somethings who pick up an 18 year old girl win a trophy. That may not be widely known.

Girl : Hahaha. Oh really?

Girl : And what makes you think I couldnt keep up?!

Girl : I should be worried about you.

Me : Wait... maybe you werent suppose to know about the trophy. Lets restart this convo.

Me : Me???? Youre the aggressor here!!! I was minding my own business... just working... and then along you come in sheeps clothing

Girl : Text me. xxx-xxx-xxxx

Girl : A good way to start over. And yes, Im the aggressor. Its the nature of the Scorpio. It cannot be helped.