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Thread: Blank profiles

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    Default Blank profiles

    I'm really curious... Has anyone had much success with online dating and sarging girls with completely blank profiles? I mean no pics, no writeup. It's something I always just avoided because I favour situational openers, but maybe it's time to diversify.

    What are some good ways to open a totally blank profile? Off the top of my head, I'm thinking something like...

    "Since you don't have any pics, I have to ask... Are you albino?"

    Or even

    "Your profile is driving me crazy, I'm going to make one for you.

    Your picture shall be this happy face: :-{D

    Your 'about me' shall be: 8 foot tall bearded lady seeking minions for diabolical schemes. Must enjoy long walks on the beach and infamy."

    Just typing that felt really weak. Help me out?

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    Default Re: Blank profiles

    In general only ugly, very plain or insecure girls don't post any pictures so your chances of scoring a good girl from a blank profile are very low. You might be lucky but it's a complete waste of time IMO.

    Pictures are really the key thing for men as we are visual creatures and if a girl doesn't understand that she probably doesn't understand men - which means she hasn't dated many men - which means she is ugly and insecure. I honestly couldn't care less what half the women babble on about in their profiles 'I like fluffy puppies! Long romantic walks on the beach...where is my prince?! I usually dont write to these sites blah blah blah'. It's mostly down to their photo. It would probably be better if most of them wrote nothing at all actually, but they must have a photo.

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    Default Re: Blank profiles

    Blank profiles can be numerous things:

    - Stalker profiles - essentially a profile is blank so that you can check someone out without them knowing it's you (see this mostly on OKC...well, you WONT see it on OKC, haha, cuz they turn off profile visit notifications, so it's completely anonymous)

    - "dipping the toe in" girls - they just want to look around, or simply don't understand that pictures are incredibly important, and don't want their face on the internet from embarrassment and stuff. Some of these girls can actually be quite attractive, however they aren't the most confident of people (and for me that's a turnoff).

    - Ugly Weirdos - for obvious reasons.

    - Guys posing as girls - cuz some guys are insecure and weird.

    - Feministic/opinionated weirdos - girls who feel like the guy needs to "prove" himself before they get a photo. These girls are essentially psycho and should be avoided, imo. If, however, you're into domineering sociopaths, by all means go ahead.

    Also, if the profile AND the photos are blank, it likely means it's a "fake" profile used for spying, and you're highly unlikely to get a response, I'd think, and if you do it might be a 45 year old hairy man. Just sayin.

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