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    Action Jackson Guest

    Default How to Attract Exceptionally Hot Women on Facebook


    If you've sarged online you've probably messaged or talked to a girl who is super hot. And to make matters more complicated, she actually responds positively to you. What happens next is something all of us have been guilty of: we think to ourselves, "Oh man, this girl might actually be into me, I better try extra hard to NOT blow it with her!" And then what happens? Sure enough, we blow it! But why?


    Why do we act different around girls we perceive as more attractive than what we're used to getting The answer is simple. We start having thoughts like, “This girl is too hot for me, I better throw in a little something extra to successfully attract her." And that's exactly what we do. No dice soldier!


    DON’T do anything different than you normally would. Guys make this mistake time and time again. They get a positive reply (online) or a reaction (in person) from an especially hot girl and they think (because she’s so hot) they have to try something new and better to attract her. In essence…they panic and end up coming off as try-hard.

    Picture every girl the same…as someone you wouldn’t date unless she had a kickass personality. Her looks don’t impress you. In fact, they somewhat turn you off because you know there’s a greater chance she has a shallow personality BECAUSE of her looks. Why is this? Because she's been able to cruise through life by using her looks to get friends, boyfriends, material items, jobs, etc. Whereas the rest of society has to use its personality, charm, wit, work ethic, sense of humor, etc. I call these particular hot women External Validation Whores! And you know what I'm talking about when I say external validation whores. These are the women who feed off of getting attention from their external surroundings, and most of the attention comes from men.


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    Coyote Guest

    Default Re: How to Attract Exceptionally Hot Women on Facebook

    i have had 2 horror dates from facebook. one blatantly lied by use of photo and when i picked her up man it was definitely not cool. i had point blank asked her online about the size of her ass to which see said it was a nice handful and i was going to be very happy..... well i wasn't. i could have cried.

    that date was a disaster and it wasn't cos she was so ugly. well it was because her personality was so ugly. she lied maybe thinking i would like her once i had her but i could have handled getting to know her if she showed her true image. it was that she tried to manipulate me and basically used me. i was honest about being shallow but she was not.

    i barely got her out of my car that evening quickly enough. it was a reminder of why internet dating can be such a disaster. if i do internet dating now i usually "forget" my wallet before I pick her up these days.... it at least evens up things abit

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    Coyote Guest

    Default Re: How to Attract Exceptionally Hot Women on Facebook

    i express myself in writing and communicate fairly well so getting into some sort of virtual rapport with the HB is ok. I have a need to check out that they are what they say that they are... Check.

    Then I find I am meeting girls online from all around the country.

    In the course of forming an online relationship what should I be aiming toward if I have meeting them in real time and space as a goal? Is it worth flying interstate to meet them? I would really like to have a few things to do in another town or work or something and then I suppose if I meet them it is much like any other PU 'date'.

    Alot of people are trying to meet people online and man there are alot of chumps in cyberspace. This is where if one has genuine inner game, the HB's are very available cos you aren't putting across some sleazy base cliche. Most blokes seem to think that women are sluts and that disrespecting them is gonna make them want a piece. It is the neg gone horribly wrong and most blokes figure out the idea but they never get any sophistication with their 'neg' making it cute or cocky and funny.

    I have met a few clever blokes (often in IT) who are just rude, arrogant, unfriendly, and insensitive around chicks and they have some basic cover overs for why they don't pull the girls usually based around their own conceptions of their own intellect.

    Chatting with chicks on line is easy enough if i am genuine even when they are dishonest. I like meeting girls online and when I haven't been sexually attracted to them I have still dated some cool chicks and made nice friends. Its nice making new friends. Ugly chicks dont frighten me so much as nut cases. I have no intention of scoring horrors, the female equivalent of the bloke who leers over the HB talking about her anatomy or calling her sexy... the female equivalent if this asshole is the worst thing one can rock up to meet for a drink somewhere.....

    And there are some girls online that are just plain revolting (female chumps)

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    Default Re: How to Attract Exceptionally Hot Women on Facebook

    Guys - how are you doing with meeting women on facebook ?

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    Coyote Guest

    Default Re: How to Attract Exceptionally Hot Women on Facebook

    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Preston View Post
    Guys - how are you doing with meeting women on facebook ?
    nah, i think facebook is best used as a comm channel with girls I have already met.
    i meet a few on facebook, but if anything comes from that it is just a bonus.

    still have to put the real time, real place action in

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    Marco Guest

    Default Re: How to Attract Exceptionally Hot Women on Facebook

    You blow it because you're BETA.
    You're thinking too much.Just do it.Get the skills and use them.You're superior.You're there to beat the competition.You're PUA's.Period!

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    Coyote Guest

    Default Re: How to Attract Exceptionally Hot Women on Facebook

    i wouldn't make on line pick up my main source of HB's. picking up online is something we should merely do in downtime or as an after though.... like free cell

    keep the game in perspective
    fuck the game, don't let the game fuck you

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    Default Re: How to Attract Exceptionally Hot Women on Facebook

    yeah online is so much of a toss up cause they can easily ignore you and then if you try and tease her or poke fun she can easily get offended cause she cant see you or hear your tone. So even though u might try and be poking fun she might not know that. i usually use facebook for women i have known or have seen around quite a few times but have never talked cause then i can act anonymous. I actually did this the other day.

    Me: Hey hows it going. I was bored and just saw that we had like a billion mutual friends? You seem so familiar? Where have i seen you before?
    Her: Lol well maybe not a billion but we have lots of mutual friends. But we graduated together!
    Me: oh yeah i remember. How has everything been?
    Her: it going good just having no life with school, work, and studying!!
    Me: omg me too i go to school but my job right now is so demanding
    Her: what do you do?
    Me: its a little embarassing but im an ass model.
    Her: lol what...?
    Me: yeah it so hard..i had to sit still in a movie the other day for like 5 hours while they made it look like i got i mean you think when its a famous guy with a great actuality its just some guy that you graduated with that has paint and makeup on his ass to make it look like he got shot.
    Her: lmao lol omg thats so wierd...theres no way you do that.
    Me: no really my butt is famous.
    Her: hahaha ok really what do you do?
    Me: lol alright i might have stretched the truth a little bit but im a poker dealer and a tutor for math and science.

    Right from there i took it from being awkward in her mind like "why is this guy talking to me". to being remembered by her for being funny, interesting and smart. Being a tutor i can just say it but it clicks in there mind that im smart and i have a head on my shoulders. So next time i feel like trying to set something up i can just be like. "hey have you ever gotten to meet the actor ____." she will obviously say no. and then i can just be like "well if you would like, you can meet him for a second while they put my ass in a film and then maybe we can get a drink or a quick snack before my next scene" So i think the best thing you can do with online game is be funny, witty and make her remember about having fun and sharing laughs with you and you will have a lot less resistance when you schedule a meet.

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    Coyote Guest

    Default Re: How to Attract Exceptionally Hot Women on Facebook

    its very difficult to call a guy beta who has been outright lied to and subsequently duped into taking her out. i managed to turn it to my advantage with others but it is too much of a gamble picking up online. a lot of women lie because they can and they think that we will like them once we meet them. very awkward situation when it is apparant to both of us that one of us is a liar and that liar is trying to put it on the other that he is as bad cos he wants looks. had she of not lied we would not be in the situation at all cos one of us knows that interacting online is not the entire or real personality of each concerned. anyone who thinks they can fall in love online without meeting someone is a total idiot.

    i take online as a way of meeting new acquaintances and testing the waters.

    i took one chick out who i thought was cool if a bit ugly.... but it was her who was not into me but we had a level of honesty and goodwill

    better be careful what you wish for cos you might just get it

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    Default Re: How to Attract Exceptionally Hot Women on Facebook

    here's a conversation i had on myspace recently, i have a date with her on tuesday and i'll be sure to post a field report. let me know what u guys think

    you're very beautiful...
    Thank you
    you're welcome...but i'm curious to know if there's more to you than just a pretty face
    Of course there's a lot I'm not like the typical female :-) I nean that in a good way
    i hope you're not telling me that ur a guy lol jk...
    tell me about yourself

    No lol but I do love doing guy things work on cars play and watch sports bbq cook ect
    that's definately a plus, maybe you can help me work on my motorcycle sometime then lol
    Ooohhh I love bikes I know how to ride em too!! What kind u got?
    a harley...
    but anyways, can you really cook or are you like those chicks that only know how to make pancakes?

    Haha no I make puerto rican food bbq bake all kinds of stuff
    still waiting for a hand with my
    Cool I'm off all week but mon and one other day :-)
    great, i hope wednesday works
    If its befor 7 then yes
    don't tell me u got a curfew...haha
    No love I'm older than u I have fashion and film networking every wed @ 8
    wow you ARE old! lol jk
    lets hang out tuesday night then...

    Lol ok
    my name is luis btw.
    how does dinner at applebees sound?

    Stephanie sounds good

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