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I don't care if you only want to screw her or how "cool" and hot she is. It's not worth it. It will drag you down regardless of your intentions.

I appreciate this.

For the record, all women have insecurities, just varying at different levels. A "red flag" is anything indicative of low value relative to you and your priorities. For the most part, I don't like girls who are daddy's money. I enjoy the hustle and need a girl who feels the same (dating/pickup, either still applies). So to me a girl who presents the image of independent yet actually turns out to be a trust fund baby is a red flag. This isn't so for many guys. Plenty would love nothing more than arm candy. Again, relative, priorities.

But to add to Kyle's list, here's a few that I would add specifically to the college kids:

She is what she talks about. Sound simple enough, but people often need reminded. If she talks about gossip/celebs/material things, what do you think her priorities are?

She is how she spends her time. Take Away all the bullsh*t (classes, work if it's not something she's passionate about, chores, etc) and what's left? Netflix? Is Netflix a priority in your life?

She is the people that she surrounds herself with (and what she reads). Yall should have heard this before.

She is her beliefs, and if she's not sure what they are what do you think that says?

These are all true past college of course, but having recently graduated I've realized just how deceiving value can be in college. For the most part, people don't represent themselves yet; they represent their parents.

Food for thought.
Good advice. This doesn't just apply to girls, but to interpreting people in general.