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    Default Looks aren't everything...How DARE i say such things

    Just thought I'd mention, I met this girl the other night, quite frankly I didn't think twice about her initially as she's maybe a 7 or 7.5physically which doesn't get me excited usually. But this chick was F***ing COOL and somehow in an hour or 2 of talking to her I ended up with a 'thing' for her. Now I'm pretty conditioned to not get hung up on a particular girl by this point but sometimes one comes along that's the $hit personality wise and it's interesting to see yourself be interested in someone that's not your typical hot a$$ woman. So...this is my 'looks aren't EVERYTHING' speech so the point is TALK to women that you're not initially attracted to for practice AND because once in a while you'll come across an A+ personality that for some reason YOU like even though she's a half pt lower on the 'looks scale' than you normally go for.

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    Default Re: Looks aren't everything...How DARE i say such things

    Women actually do a lot of this... or we're at least more forgiving of average looks in guys. I think Fleur dela Coeur said it best for womankind...

    "I am beautiful enough for the both of us!" (or something like that)

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