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    Default Need help getting a date close HB8

    Sup guys, so I am new to all of this and have been reading up on many techniques to use, so my text game may not be to par but I am trying. I met this HB8 at a college party and we were having fun, flirt with her and made great conversation, and some Kino but did not get a kiss close. I'm thinking she was into me because when I left the party for like 20 mins, she was asking for me. I got her # before she left and I decided to text her the next day. This is how it went.

    ME: Hey "her name"… I hope you aren't bullying my mexican cousins at work today. Pablo and Julio don' like to get bullied around!

    HER: Lmao I'm still here and Julio and Pablo are getting bullied so hard!

    ME: You little devil! You have to start treating them well… I don't want to come and settle things straight. I don't play nicely either

    HER: Lol fine fine I'll be niceee

    ME: And if you do, I will take you on my private helicopter and give you a tour of the city. Courtesy of the cartel family lol

    HER: Lmao the cartel life is nice

    Every text I sent related back to our funny conversation we had at the party so I decided to go with it.

    I want to meet up with her again so what should I say next in order to get that date in? I have a few ideas like: "It may be, play your cards right and next week, you may have the privilege of enjoying the cartel life ".

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    Default Re: Need help getting a date close HB8

    nice role play here.

    tell her you're doing something and she should come. keep it simple but with the opportunity to be isolated IF you want to escalate. the most important thing about texting is just keep that Tension there so when you see each other it feels natural.

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