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Thread: Is this smart?

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    Default Is this smart?

    I am texting this girl(sms and facebook recently). We exchanged a couple of messages 3 or 4 times during last 2 weeks. She always replies, she seems to like my messages (lots of smileys,lols etc). But the thing is I always text her first, she never takes initiative, she never texted me first. But today she seemed "eager" to chat, she replied on my message but also developed more topic, I felt for the first time like we are getting closer.

    And want I did?
    I did nothing!!! She didnt finish her sentence with question mark but I think she was ready to chat more with me. She left chat open for further development from my side,

    I did the opposite of my usual way, I didnt reply, I left her hanging cause I want to build "desire" in her. I am planing to see her soon, to ask her out, so I dont want to seem eager and needy in the meantime
    Is this smart strategy?

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    Default Re: Is this smart?

    i wouldn't focus on making her desire anything. i would focus on generating emotional spikes that define your personality. make her laugh, smile, and challenge her mind while you also ease up on her guilt, stress and bad moods. the more she feels emotions in regards to you the more room you'll have to lead topics and keep her interest in the long run. don't expect results from the first few weeks. i've been running into that recently and all it's done is just stress me out like an AFC. luckily through some text games and light hearted jokes i've been able to get her to invest more into the topics i want to talk about which lead us into more into an attractive phase.

    your goal isn't to interview her or to play mind games. your goal is to be the most interesting guy in her life who lives his own life in which she'll want to know more, see more and think more about. once she's more invested into you than her the easier you can make decisions and lead the relationship if you want to push it to a quick fling or a long term thing.

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