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    Default HELP: internet nice guy vs. real-life nice guy

    I am in a weird situation. Day gamed a girl on the street. Coffee date at a later date. Then "adventure date" at another later date. Ended with f-close. Success!

    I did a few more "adventure dates" on the following 3 next weekends. Things are going good. Whether I classify her as my girlfriend... I don't know, but it's a intimate sexual relationship to-this-date (and she seems up for it everytime she meets me).

    Then she tells me she is "dating" a guy for the past 4 months from another country met over the internet - but never met in person yet. Just Skype calls, etc. She says she had dated guys from this city, carefully filtered out players, etc. and narrowed it down to the gentle/nice internet guy. They had already arranged he come here for 4 days to see her.

    The internet guy came to this city. She saw him. I kept quiet because I saw my relationship with her too premature. It would've been better if she never told me about her problems - all it's caused me with jealously/bad thoughts.

    After internet guy left, me and her met up for our 1-monthersary of 1st sex/kiss (cheesy thing). She told me:

    - he got bit fatter than his profile pic coz she thought he was athletic
    - he lied about being a social smoker coz he smoked discretely while with her
    - she did say it was a bit boring, coz he's too academic-minded? and that I was better than him?
    - she says that me & other guy are BOTH nice good guys and we (me & him) even said the same things when she told other guy about me, he said "don't want to lose her, just wants her to be happy, etc."
    - her friends advised she should chose carefully which guy to go with
    - she's still undecided
    - she even suggested to me I get another girl just to make it "fair" (but I've told her that I've already chosen)

    (plus, we were like couples again, even on the same day he left... had romantic dinner and slept at hers... and she even said it's totally confusing her)

    So what I totally don't understand is, how can a girl still be attached to a long-distance relationship, probably hasn't k-close or f-closed other guy... while am consistently sleeping with her? Everytime we see each other, it's intimate and sexual.

    Just when I thought I was safe and thought she picked me... she phoned me next day and said she still undecided.

    I really want to be exclusive/committed to this girl. So I've come to seek advice/counsel from this community.

    My action-points:

    - I cannot be needy or controlling about this situation
    - I cannot tell her what to logically do, only tell her to follow her feelings
    - I cannot get angry or argue with her about this situation
    - I must develop inner-game more since this is probably the only thing I can do consistently
    - anytime she talks about her BF problems, I must politely acknowledge then divert the subject to take her mind off it.
    - punish/reward her for good/bad behavior (give/Take Away attention, etc.)
    - setting frames, controlling frames

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    Default Re: HELP: internet nice guy vs. real-life nice guy

    This may or may not be your style, but here is how I handle the situation:

    "Do what you want baby, I would never want to hold you back from doing what you want to do."

    I mean it too, they can do whatever they wish, but I have my boundaries. If they do not know they want me, then piss on them, I'm done, the other guy can have them. I'm not going to sit around and wait while someone makes a decision, I don't have time for that shit.
    KISS - Keep it Stupid Simple

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    Default Re: HELP: internet nice guy vs. real-life nice guy

    Yeah stand your ground on your prinicples. If you cant stand the heat get out of the kitchen. I bet if you just kept doing a great guy whose sometimes too busy to see her because you're living your life too you'd have a really strong chance at out doing the other guy.

    Personally i think you need to decide on what kind of role you want live. It helps in situations you walk into knowing you can walk away at any time. Women respect you when you respect yourself. Don't do everything to just keep her, do everything because you want to do everything and have a good time.
    Every moment counts, get out of your head and enjoy it.

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