So looks like I fumbled this one boys. Pretty sure I'm dead in the water but I thought I would get some opinions.

I was at the bar on Saturday with some buddies. Happened to be walking up to the barkeep when I noticed my roomie gaming this girl standing at the bar and her friend was playing with her hair looking bored.

First I ran this hand signal bit from across the bar that made her laugh then I walked over. We hit it off pretty well, ended up taking her to the patio out back and we made out and fooled around.

The four of us left the bar together and we went to eat at Chinese place I know. Looked like a boss cause I ordered for the whole table and I got her to try some crazy seafood she ended up really liking. They wouldn't come back to our place but I figured NBD, this is the kind of girl I would actually date anyway.

So my buddy gets the one girls number, I didn't have my phone on me so drunk me just says hey I'll get your number from your friend instead of just putting hers in my roomie's phone. (dumb)

Fastforward a couple days later and my buddy is meeting his girl for a drink. He texts me and the girl apparently wants me to add her to FB instead. My first thought was no. Not doing that and I told him. Her friend says she's actually interested but she's just weird and paranoid so after some consideration, I add her the next day, she accepts, and then I send her this MSG:

Hey cutie, how's my favourite cougar haha

I thought this was a decent MSG cause I gave her a bit of compliment, negged her a bit, and touched on something I had been teasing her about on the weekend (she recently turned 30 and I'm 28). I was surprised when she just didn't reply at all.

So as far as I can see it there's a few options:
1. She saw my pics and shes just a shallow bitch and decided I wasn't attractive enough for her (despite liking me enough in person?)
2. She thought my MSG was whack (maybe it was?)
3. She was actually legitimately offended by me referring to her as a cougar.

Either way, I don't see how sending a 2nd msg will make a difference (with the possible exception of option 3). What do you guys think?