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    TheGodWhoComes Guest

    Default Need to stand out

    Theres an HB9 that I met recently and I feel we hit it off pretty well. The problem is, Im finding it difficult to get herto hang out with me at time. Since she is a very good-looking girl, she is popular and has many people that try to spend time with her. Oftentimeswhen I see her she is texting others who are trying to hang out.. Shes even told me that she has difficulty rationing her time between all her friends as they constantly trying to see ber. So basically I need some good ideas to catch her attention and hav me stand out from the rest of the pack. Any good fun date ideas to show her that time spent with me is more interesting than others would be appreciated.

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    Catacomb Kid Guest

    Default Re: Need to stand out

    Honestly, forget her. The fact that she is causing this much trouble for you already, and that you have to try to get her to come out, its not going to end well. an HB9 wont give you the time of day if you are trying to get it off her, but if you become the target she will. Sounds kind of funny but you have to be in her situation to get attention, you have to have people always going after you for her to see you on the same social level.

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    SpringBreak Guest

    Default Re: Need to stand out

    Dude... it's ok to be popular but if she feels she has to hang out with all these people, then it means she's one insecure chick seeking validation and approval. Sure, you may get a date with her but you'd be competing all the time for her attention and to be prioritized. Not worth your salt in the long run. Chances are big that even if you are on a date with her, she'd still be busy with her fingers replying to her other friends.

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    culturedpearls Guest

    Default Re: Need to stand out

    Seems to me she's already warned you that she's preoccupied with so many people and is likely to flake... you can take that at face value and just enjoy her when you're in the same party... or take it as a challenge. Some level of sleuthing may be in order (like, what are her real interests or where she spends the most time). Playing it cool with her might also help since she may actually be taken aback that you're not on your knees, worshipping her. Hehe.

    Work on dhv instead and making sure she sees you having fun.

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    Default Re: Need to stand out

    i say you are setting yourself up for some bad times. when she told you she has to find time for so many friends she may have been trying to tell you to back off, discourage you from trying. so take the IOD and turn it back on to her. if everybody is all over her, the one that its not and that shows desinterest and negs is the one that going to get her.

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    TheGodWhoComes Guest

    Default Re: Need to stand out

    Thanks for the advice guys. Ill take you guys up on it. Seems like the better thing to do is not worry about her and play with other girls and dhv. I had a feelibg she was sending some IODs so thanks for the extra opinions. However she'll also randomly text/facebook/call me telling me how she misses me which is a bit confusing. I mean if she really did miss me, she'd make time right? Why do you think she says those things and then just flakes?

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    Typhoon Guest

    Default Re: Need to stand out

    I think she's just made a game of having everyone at her beck and call... so if she messages you and all that shit, then just let her. If you have the time to chat, then do so and dhv some more, like offer a time constraint ("hey babe, nice of you to catch me. Have to be at a party in a little while, but anyway, how are you?"). If she keeps bringing up the "missing you" thing, then just tell her to meet you at said party or coffee shop.... if she hems and haws, you say, "If this is how you miss people, what do you do when you really miss someone?" or something like that...

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