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Thread: Living with parents.....

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    Default Living with parents.....

    Hello fellow PUAs,

    so I have a problem..... I go to university over on the west coast and i got my own place there so when i pick up girls it goes completely normal. but now im back in my hometown for the summer and staying with my parents which is fine cause hey, free rent right? I managed to pick up 3 different girls and I'm fairly certain that I'm going to bang at least one if not all 3. The problem lies in WHERE are we going to bang.. I have pretty asian parents so even though I'm 21 i can't really bring a girl home. plus I really don't want some person i'm going to bang meeting my parents just yet haha. I know some of you are going to say just sneak her into your room but we live in a pretty small apartment so even if i did manage to sneak her in they would definitely hear us have sex... not the most comfortable for either party here.

    So to get to the point do you have any tips of how to go to the girls place instead? also should i actually tell them the truth that i'm staying with my parents, or would that put them off too much.... one more thing, if the HB was down to fuck but if she lived with her parents too what would you do? and no sadly I dont have a car.......

    Suggestions all around!! and please go easy on me I'm new to this sort of stuff =P

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    Default Re: Living with parents.....

    Honesty ALWAYS avoids complications down the road.
    When I first moved back to Michigan, I was staying with my parents for a few months (helping them with some things around the house).

    I was straight up with the girls I was talking to / meeting. It wasn't a problem at all, and prevented the awkwardness of her "finding out" later.

    Just be up front. Tell them you're home for the summer from school & you're at home for a few weeks until school starts up again. MOST people do that anyway.

    Girls appreciate confident honesty.

    If SHE lives with her parents too, then logistically speaking it's gonna be a little tougher to get to sex, so you're gonna have to get creative.

    Hotel/motel room, friend's place, secluded area, etc.

    But definitely don't hide the fact you're staying with your parents right now. Just own it & frame it as an economical advantage & that you're close with your family.

    Need one on one private coaching? PM me for details.

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    Default Re: Living with parents.....

    Many girls like risky sex. You would be suprised where you can get away doing it especially if they are warmed up and hot. Alleyways, underground parking lots, parts of offices or malls that are rarely frequented. You can use lines like 'It's exciting' or 'Life is short' etc to push through resistence. You could also gain some intel from a girl and ask her if she has ever had sex in a public or risky place or ask her what type of place outside of a bedroom she would find exciting to have sex and then essentially give her exactly that.

    Hotels are ok but will cost you.

    If you have access to a car you can go all sorts of places into nature.

    Just remember most girls Ive ever known like sex in risky places and even get a thrill out of the possibility of getting caught so be brave in pushing boundaries about where you can do it.

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    Default Re: Living with parents.....

    Yeah, I got the same problem in that I stay with my mother during the summer in small apartment with her in the room across from mine.

    T-Mal and whitedragon got some good answers.

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