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Thread: Responses to " how are you"

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    Default Responses to " how are you"

    So the other day I get a text from a girl that I hadn't spoken to in awhile. It was a very simple and straightforward "Hey You, how are you?"
    I started writting as very generic and boring "Fine ... How are you" but then thought to myself WHAT WOULD T-MAL THINK ABOUT THIS RESPONSE I AM WRITTING ??? I knew I had to come up with something different, something interesting, something unique ..... so after a quick Googly search I cam across a list of responses for "How are you". I post them here now for all of you

    I'm just peachy keen!

    Greetings, may you live long & prosper ( For the Geeks among us)

    Fair to middling, mostly middling.

    Even better than the real thing.

    gainfully employed!

    I am better than heaven today!

    Thankfully alive and still somewhat young and healthy, in this economy what more can I ask for?

    I'm unbelievable!

    Fine and dandy as long as no one else boogers up my day!

    Super Freaking Duper!!

    I am fantastic and feeling astonishingly glorious.

    Happier than a cat in a room full of catnip.

    happy to be above ground.

    I am feeling happier than ever!!

    I'm decent baby, flier than a pelican as Lil Wayne might say...

    Upright and still breathing. You?

    Cool as a cucumber

    Bouncy and ready to go!

    Splendedly Spectacular!

    So you say.

    I am fantabulous!

    Purely golden.

    In the Newtonian or quantum mechanical sense? (being a science guy I like this one a lot)

    If I were an better, there'd have to be two of me.

    Hopefully not as good as I'll ever be.

    Couldn't be better, could be worse

    I'd be better if I won the lottery

    peachy king

    Not dead yet!

    I'm Living the dream!


    well and fine and good.

    I must be OK because my name was not in today's obituaries!

    I am wonderfully giddy.

    Worse than yesterday but better than tomorrow

    I am better than yesterday and not as good as I will be tomorrow.

    As long as I can keep the kitten I found today, I'll be fine!

    Flying high, man, flying high

    old enough to know better

    Pretty fly for a white guy... ( Not good if you are NOT a white guy )

    Life is better than the!

    Standing in the eye of the storm.

    Still among the living!

    I am sailing on the sea of love.

    Blood pressure 120/80, respiration 16, CBC and Chem Panels normal.

    If I were any better, Warren Buffett would buy me.

    I am unique and me.

    As good as a kipper in the sea.

    I'm super dee duper.

    Ebullient and full of alacrity.

    Amazing and happy

    I am better today than yesterday, which is better than the day before that!

    I am not doing so well today, my cat went on the roof, my car door will not open and my head hurts other than that I am great

    worn out from doing good things

    My Indian name isn't "Are You", it's Struggling Turtle"

    I am as as rich in spirit as Michael Jackson was famous.

    I'm Delicous. How are you?

    I am dandy, thank you for asking! How are you today?

    I'm not unwell thank you

    Feeling lucky and living large

    Better than yesterday!

    How am I? The better question would be, "Why am I ?"

    I am doing so fabulous today! I can hardly control myself from dancing.

    I am as fine as a hot brand new 2010 Camaro!

    Must be doing pretty well since I woke up on this side of the grass instead of under it.

    I'm my usual devil may care self; nothing ever changes.

    All banana-breaded out!

    Quite well. And how is it that you are?

    strange and getting stranger

    Superfantastic! (NOTE: Saying the word make you end in with a smile.)

    I'm in tip top shape, how are you?

    Just ducky! :-)

    I am psyching myself up for a load of playdates this week!

    I am currently in a wonderfully-post-orgasm-and-chocolate-milk creative mood.

    I'm still pleasantly pushing a pulse, thanks for asking. How are you?

    Well I did just swallow a rather large and strange looking insect, but I hear they're full of protein. So I guess I'm great.

    Am fine unless these exams are not very tough.

    Well, I'm not in prison. I'm not in the hospital. I'm not in the grave. So I reckon I'm fairing along pretty well.

    Fine as frog hair and twice as fuzzy.

    FINE - fickle insecure neurotic and emotional, as usual (NOTE: for bad days - f***ed up insane neurotic and emotional.)

    In the normal sense or the Cartesian sense?

    I'm feelin' like a good luck magnet today, everything is coming my way!

    From what I hear, I am very good ( LOVE this one )

    Well , there you are gentlemen, I hope they help .... GOOD LUCK !!!!

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    Default Re: Responses to " how are you"

    I normally say and with a surprised look of happiness "Still alive!....unfortunat ely". It always got the laughs because no one tends to expect it then most tend to get curious and ask "Oh what's up?" and that's your queue to dhv about how many awesome stuff you did and other awesome stuff already planned out for the next coming days/weeks/months and how you are still alive and walking after all that.

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    Default Re: Responses to " how are you"

    I often go for something similar to this:

    "Ohh well, nothing too special... I went to a beachparty in the Bahama's, had a lovely dinner with Miranda Kerr and almost forgot the best part... I bought a new Bengal Tiger. What about yours?"

    I always want to get out of the "interviewing-mode" ASAP.

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    Default Re: Responses to " how are you"

    "If I were any better, Warren Buffet would buy me" I might steal this one, but otherwise, these seem unnecessary. If the girl is initiating the conversation, let her take control of it. She'll eventually hit a point where she can't keep it going, they always do (and it'll probably be her response to your "how about you?") Just remember to always be upbeat and fun...

    Her: Hey you, how are you?
    You: Hey there rainbow trout, I'm great! how are you?
    Her: I'm well, thank you
    You: You text me just to tell me that...

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    Default Re: Responses to " how are you"

    Her: Hey how are you?
    Me: (really deep voice) I'm Batman...

    Best response I got so far. haha the look on her face was so priceless.

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    Default Re: Responses to " how are you"

    Anything unpredictable is gonna work well, if you want to get a playful vibe going. (aka "flirting")


    Her: "how are you?"

    You: "I'm not sure.. I was walking through the cereal aisle at the store & all the characters on the boxes started talking to me. That's not a typical occurrence, right? "

    THAT'S how you take the lead in an interaction & set the frame of being totally different than any other guy who may be texting her.

    Need one on one private coaching? PM me for details.

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