Here is an update:

After a month of freezing out, she contacted me again the other day asking me if I wanted to watch the World Cup final with her. I was out of town, so I declined. She then asked to meet for lunch or for drinks. Seems like things didn't work out with the other guy and now she tries to get back my attention to her.

What do you guys think? Does this seem like I am her plan B (or rebound guy)? If this is the case (and I hope not), I find it very offending. However, she had said she "started dating someone", so it seemed like she was at the very beginning of a new relationship. Sounds legitimate that she didn't want to date 2 guys at the same time. Dunno...

I told her I was extremely busy and that I had a big exam coming next week (true story and she has means to verify I am telling the truth), but I offered to meet after I was done with all that by the end of next week. She never replied to my last sms. Is she playing difficult? WTF is wrong with that girl? She could have wished me good luck just out of politeness. And she's the one that wanted to have my friendship in the first place.

Anyway, I have been gaming 2 other girls in the meantime, so I have my hands full for the time being. The abundance Mindset really does help