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Thread: The Full Close

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    Nubbi Guest

    Default The Full Close

    Okay, say you've managed to do a full close and has gotten the girl in bed. How do you behave after? I mean, it helps a lot when the girl is all cool and you're still like, laughing after. But what do you say? Do you cuddle? How do you stop yourself from promising dates and avoid saying "i'll call you" (in case you're not sure you want to). Do you give them money (for cab fare) if you went to your place or do you bring her home?

    And how do you kick someone out if she's feeling too comfy on your bed without burning bridges?

    What are the politics and logistics after that first night?

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    culturedpearls Guest

    Default Re: The Full Close

    Well, as much as possible, I prefer doing it in her place as I feel obliged to bring a girl home after (if it's still night) and hate to have to offer breakfast.

    Cuddling... mmm... it really depends, man. But usually, that happens after you've done it several times with a girl, or you're dating or in a relationship. If it's just ONS, cuddling is like the fastest way to ending the casual relationship. Plus, a lot of the afterplay and goodbye has to do with the girl.

    I usually say i'd call or text, and I immediately do (to ask if they got home alright or wish them a great day/week). I keep the text or call short though, with no other talks of hanging out again or whatever. I just call or text again if I do want to meet up again. This way, I didn't lie.

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    bonsai Guest

    Default Re: The Full Close

    culturedpearls pretty much said it all. That's top notch advice.

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    Champion Guest

    Default Re: The Full Close

    Really good advice CulturedPearls. I was also unsure what the best protocol was.

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    Default Re: The Full Close

    It's also easy to make a girl leave early if you tell her you have a tennis game to go to, or you are going to play golf. Just get her thinking that you need to start getting ready and she will get the hint to leave.

    Then you can do whatever you want.


    "Hey listen baby, last night was fantastic. I need to get ready for tennis as I am meeting my buddy there in 30 minutes. Let's try to hook up later this week for a drink."

    Quick hug/kiss. Bye.

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