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Thread: Keep in touch or lose the date

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    Default Keep in touch or lose the date

    I've seen a lot of guys questioning when & how often to text a girl after setting a date.

    My friend Hydro wrote a blog entry that explains it perfectly.
    Sooooo, here it is:

    So you chatted with a little cutie at the club, you got her number and you finally set up the dateÖ BOOM! Youíre done, right?

    Hahaha! I wish! After you set up the date you must keep in touch with her daily, if notÖ every other day!

    Whether itís just a simple text saying something like, ďMan, if I knew today was going to be this hot I would have NOT worn all black.Ē Youíre not talking about the date; youíre not talking about anything really, just making a statement about something thatís happening about your or your day.

    This is what you do to keep her in the loop and letting her know you didnít forget about her without flat out saying you didnít forget.

    In every relationship, whether itís friendships or girls youíre dating, communication is key. Everybody says they know this but rarely do it. You must communicate with the girl after you set up the date so you donít lose it. If you donít stay in contact with her YOU WILL LOSE THE DATE. The whole goal of getting a girls number is to either date her, hook up with her or make her your girlfriend and all this stuff takes some effort so shooting a few texts or calls isnít much.

    If you set up the date on a Thursday for next Tuesday and donít text or call her until Monday night or Tuesday (the day of the date) you may have lost the date to her setting something up with someone else or to her hanging out with her friends.

    You can flirt through texts, you can hold as long of a conversation as you want with her, but do not go days without pinging her.

    A lot of guys think, ďWell I set it up she should know Iím not going to cancel.Ē Imagine if a girl you thought was cute wanted to hang out with you next week and set something up right and then didnít communicate with you at all until the day of hanging out youíd flip right?

    I know I would, Iíd be ripping out whatever hair I have left in my head thinking a million things on why sheís not going to call, text or why sheís going to cancel/flake.

    Same thing goes for them, if theyíre into you and you donít ping youíre going to throw them through a loop and theyíll either cancel themselves out or set something else up.

    Like I said earlier, PING DAILY! If your texting isnít all that great and youíre a better talker then shoot her a quick text and then call her. If youíre not that great on the phone, text all you want, I recommend mastering both.

    I canít stress it enoughÖ ping her daily. You may be thinking to yourself, ďThatís too much work.Ē well guess what, that little extra bit of work goes a long way. Dating is not easy and if it were weíd all be surrounded by beautiful women. So keep it fun when you do this stuff.

    A couple examples of random texts to ping her:


    You: I need a coffee!!!

    You: If I had a quarter for every unhappy person Iíve ran into todayÖ let me tell ya! lol

    You: I think Iím going to get sushi after work todayÖ Yup, sushi it is!

    Thatís all it takes to keep her in the loop so you can have yourself a date, sir!

    So hereís what to do so you can practice all this since practicing makes everyone better at what they do.

    Text or call every girl you have in your phone that youíre interested in right now and set up a date. After you set it up have a conversation with her AT LEAST once a day until the day of the date.

    You can make it as simple as thisÖ

    You: I need a coffee!!!

    Her: Looks like somebody had a late night.

    You: Nooooooo, I didnít sleep good last night, I kept tossing and turningÖ UGH!

    You can leave it like that and then text her the next day with something new. See, it only takes TWO TEXTS at a minimum to keep yourself a date. Iím not saying do this every day because leaving her hanging isnít cool but Iím saying that itís not that hard to text a girl so you donít lose out on whatever it is you want from her.

    Stay up, playboy!


    Need one on one private coaching? PM me for details.

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    Default Re: Keep in touch or lose the date

    Thanks for the advice. I guess the guidelines are to make it seem like a radon thought about your day with humor, and to make it daily. She may be interested in what you have to say the next day.

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    Default Re: Keep in touch or lose the date

    Quote Originally Posted by Fire Eater View Post
    Thanks for the advice. I guess the guidelines are to make it seem like a radon thought about your day with humor, and to make it daily. She may be interested in what you have to say the next day.
    Absolutely. It also positions you as more of an extrovert than introvert and encourages the girl to talk about more 'daily life' subjects. Through that you gather key intel to use in the next date as subjects. 'Did you end up having Sushi on wednesday?' etc.

    If I haven't texted a girl in a few days or a week and she doesn't text me I have occassionally called her bluff that she was expecting me to write. Me after a few days of no contact: 'Hey sorry I haven't written much lately, I've been super busy and a few friends blew in from out of town'. You're not apologising in a needy way but an honest way and then kind of charging her guilty without evidence of waiting on you even though you don't know if she actually was. You use the opportunity to explain (attract) how busy, successful, popular or whatever you have been rather than re-engaging with 'Hi how have you been?'.

    It doesn't have to be daily but frequent enough to keep momentum and prove you are not one dimensional.

    Emoticons are good too. I will often send emoticons to girls in the morning. A coffee, a wink, a kiss, a hug....anything to make them smile when they hear from you.

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