I got a situation here. This girl came recently to my country for a business trip as her company is expanding here. So I met her once in her company event and in the beginning I already told her im not interested to know about the company but her. Anyway I tried to date her out but shes too busy with her company event and told me this trip is mainly for business.
Ok heres the part. Shes going back to her country soon and she said she will be coming here more often because of the company operation. I suggested to go out once before she left and also because her birthday is coming. She suddenly told me her birthday is actually her wedding day but her fiance passed away and thus she just want to be alone for her birthday. She also told me that she just want to focus on her career now and not thinking of any relationships. Any idea on how to break the wall? When i first met her, from the tone of her voice I knew she had many problems in life. Her life stories were all very miserable. I know its best to avoid this kind of girl.