Due to geological separation I am in a texting based but weekend hookup relationship. Sometimes she has to bail out of our weekend plans due to some random circumstance.

The thing is that I know for sure that she is asking me to make her change her plans, but I have been struggling with what to say.

For example, we had plans to see each other this up coming weekend but I got a text the other day saying "Just found out we are going camping next weekend." The "we" does not apply to me.

Sometimes (like this time) the annoying factor of this gets the better of me and I just reply something like "That sucks. It would have been fun." But that isn't helping me out at all.

The other problem is that she doesn't have a car, so she cannot just get up and come to me. We have a lot of history together and emotions are always running high. But, what can I be saying under these circumstances to make her want to change her plans?