The cobra strikes again! So we all know I got 30 numbers last year and plowed through them pretty quick. But NOT this time. So I realized late last Summer goofing off was unproductive. I had "no" goal other than validation and mostly got ignored. So then I started baiting chicks with the dating concept. So I started getting more validation that way. Then this year I have become successful at juggling numbers and getting text rotations going which I never did before.

So I realized after I got stood up for my $250 date I can't afford to date every chick and been thinking about it for a while so I decided to switch to a "hookup" frame for texting and going out. This was a very drastic change since I started out asking chicks to Dinner from the Club. Then I started dating chicks from the Club.

I still date but much more selectively. If I am all tied up with chicks I don't have the time to freaking date them. It all changed after my current homegirl told me "some guys are only good for sex" referring to me. I told some chicks that and they asked if it was true. Then I texted the 10 from the Bar on a whim and said strait up "we should hookup sometime!" Not only did she say her umbrella was on fire but she said she wanted to crawl inside me like a lust craven woman. But that was because I set the tone. I never would have dreamed of that kind of validation when I was trying to be a Nice Guy. The 10 was texting me at work like let's have sex now and I was like WTF? And flipped bricks and lost her cuz I got romantic and didn't think it would go through but I am getting more in tune with it.

Just to prove this point I texted my girl I grinded with some sexual suggestive jokes about knocking boots and doing some gymnastics in the bedroom lol. And she has been blowing my phone up like crazy! And I still got another number I am holding onto from the Bar who is another 8 and did my first "we should hookup sometime" close on my exit and the funniest thing happened. Because she was pinging like crazy already she was like "okay".

In other words I don't have the time or money to date all these women and I'll date them after we hookup sure. Just crazy these super hot chicks be blowing up my phone like never before for being a bit of a bad boy.