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    Action Jackson Guest

    Default AJ's Bulletproof #Close Message

    Hey guys,

    So let's say you're messaging a girl and you go for the #close but when she replies back she doesn't give you her number, or she ignores your message and doesn't even reply.

    What should you do?

    If she replies back but doesn't give you her number... remain calm, act unaffected, pretend like it never happened, and continue the conversation for 3-4 more messages. THEN once you're back on track with her, send her the #close routine below.

    If she ignores your #close message and doesn't reply back... then reopen her in 5-7 days, banter back and forth for another 3-4 messages, then send her the #close routine below.

    You know, I understand that we don't know each other from a hole in the ground when it's all said and done. And I might feel a little weird about meeting up for a drink or hanging out, but I don't want that. I mean why would I want to hang out with somebody new when I could hang out with one of my old friends, right? And you too could be hanging out with old friend...but if you thought that all the way along in meeting those friends, you'd be a very lonely person. So let’s say screw it and take the chance to find out if maybe there is something we can enjoy together. let's exchange information... ###-###-####...shoot me a text and put the word “snickerpish” in it so I know it’s you :)

    -[your first name]

    P.S. If you need a solid reopener routine let me know.


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    culturedpearls Guest

    Default Re: AJ's Bulletproof #Close Message

    A tad wordy for me but yeah, I guess this could work. At least i think it's cool asking her to include a password of sorts in her text.

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