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Thread: A Successful POF Opening (with explanation)

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    Default A Successful POF Opening (with explanation)

    So, I have had a few successful POF openers today. I wanted to share - and explain my thought process behind them - with you. Maybe you'll pick up something and maybe some of you will have advice for me. Maybe I missed an opportunity to say something better than what I said or something along those lines. Let's get to it:

    I do use a few canned lines here and there.

    Hello there. I noticed you want to meet me. Well, before we go that far, I'm going to need at least a name first. ;-)

    This is somewhat of a dhv, IOI, and an IOD. I reiterated the fact that she is the one who clicked "meet me" on my picture. So, already, she's shown an IOI to me. The "before we go that far ..." subtly suggest that I'm not "that easy" and is - in a way - an IOD and a DHV. And then the wink face is a simply but rewarding IOI from me to her.

    Lol my name is Jess, what's yours

    I'm Andrew. What are you doing today?

    I'm working, u?

    Same. Where are you working?

    I work at a summer camp afterschool care

    So, Jess. What do you have going for you besides your good looks? Don't get me wrong, you're beautiful - but beauty is common. What else do you have that will keep me intrigued?

    Up until now, It's been simple, generic conversation in order to gauge her interest and see how talkative she's going to be. She is complying with me so I giver her an IOI, followed by an IOD. And another compliance test.

    I'm not sure exactly what you mean, I've got a story that'll blow your mind but other than that, I stay busy with work and church, I like to fish and love the beach...I'm pretty easygoing and love my close friends.

    I believe it would be pretty hard for you to blow my mind ... but go for it.

    Maybe over dinner some time I'll share my story. What about you? How do you plan to keep me intrigued?

    HUGE IOI HERE! She wants me to ask her to dinner. But, I can't just jump through her hoop. I have to make it happen on my terms ...

    Well, if my wit, charm, charisma and personality isn't enough. I also have a wide social circle full of awesome friends who love me, I'm talented, and ... I'm fun.

    I'll tell you what, I'll take you to the beach one afternoon. If things go well, we can talk about dinner. ;-)

    Reward her IOI with my own IOI (as well as some DHV) and then make her jump through MY hoop.

    Ha sounds good, it'll have to be a Saturday tho

    I don't consider this to be a hoop. It could be, but not one I'm concerned about. People have lives and schedules after all. I'm still in charge - no harm, no foul.

    Jess ... I'm going to need to get your number.

    I don't see any reason to keep this conversation online. She has demonstrated enough IOI that I feel comfortable asking for her number.

    she gives me her number


    Hey, Jess. This is Andrew.

    Hey, how are you?

    I'm good. Just got home from work. You said you're free Saturday, right?

    Yeah, I'm free.

    We will hang out Saturday then. Let's meet up around 9am. I have to work Saturday evening.


    Yes. Let's meet somewhere close by and ride to the beach together. What's a good spot for you?

    Well, -Beach Resort- is close for me.

    Good. One of my best friends is a manager there.

    It just so happens, one of my friends is a manager at this resort. DHV. I have friends in high places.

    Sweet, wish we could fish off the pier. SO meet there at 9?

    Some might say she's trying to take charge here, but actually, it's more like she's asking permission. Which is good. It's an IOI from her and it shows that I have higher value than her.

    I'll look into that ... but don't get your hopes up. lol. Yes. Meet me there at 9. And I want you to wear that outfit of yours that will become my favorite outfit.

    Oh dear, no pressure right? Guess you plan to see me more than once, huh?

    Slow down. I'm just preparing for the event that I do like you. The pictures of you are pretty and, so far, I am intrigued by what you've told me. But we will see. I don't just start dating every pretty and intriguing girl that approaches me, you know. lol. But, I'm sure we will have fun.

    At this point, I think I may have gone too far with the outfit comment. But, she's definitely digging me. However, I do think I should throw out an IOD, followed by an IOI and a DHV. Mix it all up. This hot-and-cold, push-pull dynamic is very emotionally stimulating. When she is being rewarded in this manner, she is more likely to chase me and to comply with my compliance tests.

    I'm not quite sure these were the best words to use here, but I don't think that I dlv'd here. So, I think I'm still good.

    Well good, I'm glad. At least I know I don't have much competition. lol.

    You seem to be able to hold a conversation well, and you keep a smile on my face so that's a plus for you. Anyways, I'm going to be a loser and call it quits for the night. Got an early morning and a long day tomorrow. Talk to you in the morning. Sleep well.

    So, this last comment by her really kind of confused me. I'm not sure where to go or what to do with it. At any rate, this is how i successfully pulled a hot girl from POF (at least, how I got as far as setting up a date). Comments and opinions are welcome. Please share!

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    Default Re: A Successful POF Opening (with explanation)

    It's a little safe and boring for mine and doesn't really do a lot in building attraction. I mean it worked, so I can't fault you there, but I just don't know that your messaging would work with a larger number of girls.

    What are you doing today? <-- What sort of trouble are you causing today? What sort of mischief are you up to today?
    These are a more fun way of asking the same question and 9 times out of 10 will net you a better response than just one word or one line answer.
    Where are you working? <-- I don't think I've ever asked this question online or over text. Save it for later when she's telling a story about work.

    Don't be afraid to be bold and flirty! Tease her a little and set the frame from the start.

    "Hey Chicken Little, there's no need to be shy
    If you want to "meet me" we're going to have to talk first, it's kinda my new rule lol.. after all a guy can never be too careful about who he meets
    What sort of trouble are you out causing today?"

    Something along those lines I think would change the whole dynamic of the conversation for you

    At the end of the day, though, you have to play to your personality because there's no point being two different people between real life and behind a screen.

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