I've been meaning, for a while now, to get back onto POF and try one of T-Mal's openers I read on here. There's really not a lot of talent in my area so I don't get on there a whole lot but when I do, I normally go with something relating to their profile.
Anyway I was trolling through one night and found a pretty decent 8, couldn't be arsed doing much and figured I would try the opener I had found.

Obviously it's not mine so I figured I should at least share the conversation with everyone. And, who knows, it may even help someone change their approach (And she's a solid 8 so there's a small amount of bragging attached haha ).

Me: You seem to have just the right mix of class & sophistication, with a touch of cheek & sass thrown in (you can totally see it in your eyes.. just sayin')

I'm impressed... We could totally be friends, as long as you promise to never eat the last cookie without offering to share it with me.

I hope your day oozes with awesomeness!!

Her: Awww you had me until I couldnt eat the last cookie :-(

Aww YOU had ME until you didn't actually read the message haha :-p

So confused :-( haha

Haha well technically all you had to do was 'offer' to share the last cookie ;-) I never said you couldn't eat it lol

Ahhhh too late!? ;-)

Haha no, but you are on your last warning missy!! One more outburst like that and I'll eat 42 packets of cookies right in front of you haha :-p

What sort of trouble are you out causing today?

Lol you can have ur 42 packets, thats sickening ??
Just worked today believe it or not!! What about you?

Haha you're right, cookies are a sometimes food ;-) and I'm not even sure I like cookies all that much!!

Hmmm I dunno hey.. that is a pretty far fetched thing to be doing during the week lol how can I be sure you're telling me the truth.. I've seen your eyes haha :-p
Yeah just the same for me, procrastinated my little backside off for most of the day :-)

Lol, they are! But... they are just sickening lol
I know right!! Its pretty crazy but what can I say ;-)
Oh procastinating ? I love that shit haha what do you do for work?

It is a little on the extreme side.. you never mentioned you were an adrenalin junkie haha

How good is it!? It's actually one of my favourite past times ;-)
I'm a Stripper instructor by day lol

Lol cant get enough ?? haha I never work, just procrastinate ;-)

Oh thats heaps good! You are about to become one at night too ;-)

Sounds like a pretty sweet deal ;-)

Oh am I now lol? My lessons aren't cheap ya know ;-)

Well it was all fun and games until someone mentioned money :0 ;-)

Haha now why'd you go and do that? I never mentioned anything about money lol ;-)

Surely you don't expect me to give up trade secrets for free..

Ohhh so you are willing to swap !? Awesome I might have something perfect for you ;-)

Surely not... ;-)

Haha I'm always up for trying something once.. I'm curious as to what you would deem as perfect lol

Only once!? What if you like it haha
Hmm that is a good question my friend, what term?

Haha well after the first time it's not really trying ;-)

What term, what? I don't get it lol

Hey, I'm about to head out for the arvo, send me your number and I'll consider this swap some more over text :-) you have to promise no prank calls though lol

Haha good point ;-)

Lol dont worry!! It works both ways, wake me up and god help you!! Haha *phone number* ;-)

So there you go.. I pretty much continued that vibe over texting and now we're going out tomorrow night lol (online messaging went from Wed to Sat)

Point is; that the opener doesn't really matter if you can't transition and keep up the same level of fun. Don't get me wrong, that doesn't mean you should be throwing out "hey beautiful's" to every girl on there lol, be different from the other clueless chumps and be congruent with who you are and you should be fine.

So Thanks T-Mal as always your advice and material is absolute quality!!