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Thread: 3rd Date should I text again?

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    Default 3rd Date should I text again?


    Been on 2 dates with a lawyer. She is super busy atm with work, working almost 70 hours the last 2 weeks. we have a couple of mutual friends who complained they hadn't been hearing back from her recently.

    Anyway we've been on 2 dates. K close on both, I fucked up logistics on the 2nd date and ended up dropping her home as she had to get up at 4:30 the next day.

    Anyway I left it a couple of days after date 2 and we had the following text convo. To be honest she usually doesn't text back as fast as she did.

    The texts went:
    Me: Hey bird lady (inside joke) (: I just caught the guy next to me rubbing his nipples this is worse than Dino noises (inside joke), what do I do?
    Her: What? Where? There's only a few places that woul be in context. Just clear your throat and give him a wtf are u doing look
    Me: At work... I don't think he knows I saw him. I think I'm over you supporting Dirk (inside joke) so let's watch a DVD early one night
    Her: Haha what? How did you come to that conclusion?
    Me: Dirk the bball player! Tell you in a bit gotta go into a meeting with nipple man, not sure where to look
    Her: Haha I got the mavs reference... Wondering how you concluded that we should watch a movie based on that :P

    2 hours later
    Me: So we can relax and I can give you the worlds best massage. Plus then you can wear your trackpants and slippers (inside joke)

    1 hour later
    Her: Haha massage rights come a little further down the line. And I'm not really the right girl to sit down to watch a movie with. I'd rather go out and do something fun

    Me: I was going to say bball or pool, but was a bit worried you would beat me :P But I knew you would be devestated if you didn't see me again before I left. Are you free Fri or Sat?

    I sent that 1 day ago but was probably way past her bed time. I hate texting then as I often get texts at night see them but not reply because I'm half asleep. The girl is quite good and I would like to see her again. Do I text her again or is that investing too much? I'm pretty sure we had a really good connection.

    She is super busy during the week and I leave on Friday to go to Europe for 5 weeks, I wanted to sleep with her pre leaving :/

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    Default Re: 3rd Date should I text again?

    well if you dont text her what will happen?


    what you need to do since you have been on 2 dates is next time escalate a lot faster because i dont think you are making moves fast enough
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    Default Re: 3rd Date should I text again?

    Keep texting. Just make it fun and less pressure about 'recreational' persuits. She seems pretty strong minded and you don't want to appear too eager for the date or the fact you're leaving. If she is a busy lawyer she might prefer a drink rather than a movie or games. Get her out for a wine (can be later in evening when she is more likely to be free) or coffee and then take her back to your place. If she is head down in torts and affidavits all day she might probably like a cool wine 'Meet for a quick drink?'. Make it relaxing and easy for her. Go out with your friends anyway and tell her you're out at interesting places later in the night when she may have finished much of her work and is more likely to spontaneously accept to come out ''s pretty awesome here...very chilled place, nice blues band playing, got a cool drink...we're having a weird conversation about peoples hairstyles, actually its right near your office still at work lawyer nerd? Geez, come out and take a break! This is not a David Baldacci novel! '.

    'I was going to say bball or pool, but was a bit worried you would beat me. But I knew you would be devestated if you didn't see me again before I left '. You're actually subliminally communicating your worried about loosing her and not seeing her again. Be much simpler and to the point in your words e.g. 'When are you free?' or 'We should catch up before I go, I'm busy most of the week but thursday is good'. She's a lawyer, she should appreciate direct statements. Plus it's you who is off to exciting europe, use that power to your advantage. Thing is no matter how busy a girl gets she will still make time somewhere in the week to see you if she likes you. She has long hours but there's no reason she can't meet you later in the evening and you can take advantage of that in sexual escalation. Otherwise you are gonna tear it up in europe with hot cuties.

    Just make it appealling to her situation, use time constraints and make sure you have an easy route back to her house or yours.

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