Hey guys, here are two scenarios I'm in right now. Please give me suggestions.


A high school friend who asked me to sadies. Ended up going to the same college.
Me: Hey you still in socal?

Her: No LOL

Im at ____

Me: y so far


I'm thinking just ignore this. but I kinda also wanna hook up once I go back up there in a month.


Another high school friend I never really hung out with before.

Me: You at socal?

Her: yup!!

Me: K loll that was fast. Let's hang out soon

Her: lol its cause im on right now, talking with my friends ahahah

yes!! tell me all your juicy stories from ____

im free basically all the time lol
Me: Alright. remind me lol. I'll be free next week

Her: are you back all summer?

Me: Till the 27th

Me: What are you doing tomorrow

Of august?

I have work till 5 then nothing

[few day hiatus]

Me: have you seen the new purge

Her: The one where you're allowed to kill and do whatever you want?

Me: yeah that one lol

Her: Nope not yet


Me: i wanna watch it.

wanna come with?

Her: is it scary? And when?

Me: it'll give you nightmares for a week. This tuesday at 7:50

Her: .... what? Its that scary?? Is it a thriller or horror?

And maybe!! Im not sure what im doing tuesday but ill let you know

Me: thriller i think.

ok let me know by tomorrow night

Her: Kk!! Idk if I can handle a scary movie though ):

Me: dw it'll be fun lol

[Day after]

Her: Hey sorry I can't go tomorrow cause im stuck in _____ til Thursday to help my sister move in

Sorry! Lets hang out next wee!!

And maybe watch a comedy ratger than a thriller lol

Me: Deal but you're paying

Her: The fuhhhh. Well both pay for ourselves loll

Me: Wow I thought you were a gentlewoman


im a woman

I was thinking "ok ms. woman. I'll let you know when I'm free." Pretty sure there are MUCH better ones than that.