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    Default need advice on what to text

    Need help with texting a girl i met online. This is our conservation after we got to the subject of parties

    Her: I can't wait for September
    Having a lot of parties vodka crans are great
    Me: seems like you have a thing for vodkas.
    Her: Always
    Vodka is my drink
    Me: I tend to go with Xxx...dont do as well with other drinks
    Her: xxx makes me sick. I do vodka and tequila that's all.
    Me: haha we're opposites I don't think we would be able to get along
    Her: that's too pretty good time
    Me: now you're flirting with me...but it's cool I like it
    Her: hahaha
    I try
    Me: evil flirty party girl. When you come to xxx(my town) we're going out for a drink
    (I started calling her evil after she said she like to mess with her coworker)
    Her: sounds like a plan
    Me: what's your number so I can text you or I can use carrier pigeons i f you'll prefer that haha
    Her: 1234567

    I text her the next day
    Me:I was kinda hoping you'll go with the carrier pigeon option haha...anyway now you have my number
    Her:Sorry to disappoint you haha
    Me :I'm very disappointed, you need to find a way to make things right haha
    Her:Is snail mail okay?? Hahaha
    Me:I'm not sure if anyone has ever successfully used a snail to transport mail...going out for just drinks wouldn't be enough if you can pull it off
    Her:Well what else can end your disappointment?
    Me:Are you on Snapchat?
    Her:Oh yes
    Me:That'll be a good start is my ID
    Me:So did you mess with any of the guys at work today>=) ?
    Her:I was just a bitch the whole day HAHAHAHAH
    Me:If I was a movie writer and had to write down the laughter for the villains, that's exactly how I would write it lol
    Me:what did you do to deserve that title?
    Her:What title?
    Me:Bitch of the day
    Her:Well I just wasn't being nice
    Her:"Customer" voice was non-existent today
    Me:That's a common condition, i think it's called 'Monday'...but you not being nice might just be your thing
    Her:I'm a very nice person most of the time to most people
    Me:You're definitely on my naughty list now!
    Her:I have my moments.

    Its been a day since the last message, what can i text her to keep her still interested in me so she still wants to go out when she comes to my town( I don't know when she'll be coming)

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    Default Re: need advice on what to text

    Ok, very nice job on the texting.

    First of all, if you guys don't live close to each other, this is going to be rough because you can't close.

    The ultimate goal of texting is to move the interaction to an in person meet - not be her texting buddy and get engaged in long text convos.

    Here is what I advise you to do.

    Ultimately call her.

    As you are texting her, find out if it a good time to call her because there is something cool you want to talk to her about. "Hopefully, she is on her customer voice."

    Then of course when you do call her, you are going to flirt, be playful, tease and be the person you were via text.
    You can tease her and say she has a sexy voice and can be a phone-sex operator lol.

    As soon as you can, close and set logistics to meet up. Don't wait for her to come to your town. You want to make her come to your town. So shift the conversation to:

    "You know what I think we would have so much fun doing?"

    Then you are going to describe something in the future that you two are going to do together and you are going to include a quick reason why you want to do it with her too.

    For example this is how I set a date with a girl in Malibu.

    "You know what we will have so much fun doing? Here's what we're going to do. We are going to the Getty Villa in Malibu. And it's going to be a blast because you love museums and exotic places as much as I do."

    "We are going to see what a ancient Roman estate looks like. There's a tea shop in there and since you and I are health nuts and don't drink, we can sip roman tea and make fun of the tourists."

    "There is open grassy area for picnics. We can roll out a mat and sprawl out under the sun, dress in a toga, we will feed each other grapes, and play a game called "You're awesome becuz..." The objective is to take turns and tell each other one reason why the other person is awesome and the first person who runs out of things to say loses. There is a good chance you might win this
    one because I'm pretty awesome."

    "And becuz I lost I have to take you to dinner to Moonshadows where we watch the sunset. There will be nice breeze. It will mess up your hair and you will look at me and say "Do I okay?" and I will say "You look fine" but in actuality you will look like a dork."

    [This is moving into future fantasy projection]

    As you are doing this, you make it sound so good and so much fun, she is going to be thinking to herself "This is awesome. I would love to do this with him."

    Personally, if I am going to run this, don't text her, I would call her. It has more of a profound impact through your voice than words on a screen.

    Then you leave her hanging for a bit to keep the Tension. Change the convo to something else that will build a deep connection. Like for example, play "Who is more psychic?" and make outrageous ridiculous guesses about her.

    Then you tell her you gotta go BUT "we should definitely meet soon" and suggest a time.

    This long distance thing is tough and over time you run the risk of losing momentum. There is only so much you can do, so you want to get her to meet with you ASAP.

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