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    Default Online Situation is lopsided

    Everything from Fake FB & Tinder accounts to high horse chicks drunk on desire the online situation is seriously out of wack. During my travels through the abyss I searched for outcome independence, I searched for truth, I searched for liberation and all I found was lies buried under an ocean of flattery. On the online ship of desire I'm sinking I found Princesses, Goddesses, Queens, Temptresses, and Trophies. But seldom did I meet a good upstanding woman that was not a scandal not a lie. So I decided to make my travels onwards to the Forrest of delusion guided by the light of Pick Up and towards the Mountain of Uncertainty.

    -from the letters of Captain Jack.

    Had a awesome day. My girl at work was stolen by my bosses who said "that I have to share" and we are "too close" I was confused because my hour was "obvious" and two other people had an hour with her and it was the Captain under the magnifying glass just for having a spark but anyway.

    Scammed by a call girl on FB.
    Post on FB while following my 60 day challenge. Anyway this girl was an 8 and talking like a 10 so I told her how it is since she won't get back to me. She was talking about every guy is clueless, telling the universe send me Mr. perfect, going on about a guy needing to make MORE money than her without even blinking when she has 3 jobs and her own company, uttering nonsense about he has to be super successful and super duper awesome ie ambitious, motivated, destined for greatness.

    I was like oh snap it's going down tonight. Like is this chick on crack? So I put her in her spot said

    You are an 8/10 and I date 9's all the time. Online has done something very wrong to these hot women and they are completely distorted. You are talking like a 10/10 and you should try some humility. You are talking like a Queen take a seat Princess cuz you ain't all that and a bag of chips.

    Not as an insult simply a "I would never date you stop being so shallow subliminal messaging"
    She PM's typical acting like she has all these rare attractive qualities and deserves any guy right?

    F you, 5. You have a sh!ty exterior (she was just talking about the interior a second ago what a hypocrite) stop going after drunk b$$$$ (hating her own kind and slashing their throats).

    Calmly said thank you for the kind words but I OWN the Club. Blocked oh boo freaking goo when I rejected her first. And the best part is some guy posted "He got Game ^"Dang strait cuz I was being generous and she is more like a 6 or 7 since I really don't like rail skinny chicks.

    So forget the online, time to move on. At least when I approach I know they are real and not some fake chick on FB gloating about all the guys posting on her stuff everyday. She was acting like this since she thinks 20 guys posting everyday will make her feel better but deep down she is a fraud and totally fronting she wants the "UNIVERSE" to send her Mr. rich, Mr. handsome, and Mr. Perfect while she says it is not about looks telling me I am a 5 and reducing her insults to nothing but looks because I served her and conquered her since she was completely defeated mentally and emotionally. Not my aim but I tell it like it's strait. Girls want to talk smack better back it up and obviously don't sit her and strut when you ain't enough. Like I said all about Inner Game since I will be out tomorrow at the Bar and I know it will be for real online is a joke.

    When you let go of your feelings you can really then embrace your surroundings
    Love is a game that's why I don't worry about it anymore. When you let go of your feelings you find your meaning.

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    Default Re: Online Situation is lopsided

    Lolololololololololo lolololololololololo lololol
    Every moment counts, get out of your head and enjoy it.

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