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    Default Best POF openers with best results

    Started a POF account( don't really like internet dating but decided to give it a try). Anyway so far it's hectic. Out of like 10 girls I message only 1 would reply back lol. Anyways is there anyone who has great percentage with openers that has a high chance of getting responded to on that site?
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    Default Re: Best POF openers with best results

    Gotta firstly have really good photos and a profile that ticks the selection criteria of virtues that most women find attractive.

    After that you don't really have to say much. POF can be really finickey with openers...Too much emphasis is placed on it versus other platforms. I haven't used online dating for a while but I used to say something very brief like 'Hi Im____ I'm a smart, creative, cute guy who loves the full spectrum of life. I'd like to get to know you better' or sometimes add something about her aswell 'I see your into music too, what are you listening to as the moment?' or 'I like your photo with the blue dress'. Even a simple 'hello' is often better than a long risky message full of cockiness or canned lines. Just be yourself and be honest. Ignore POF dynamics and just write to someone as if you met them in real life.

    I know a lot of other guys on here try to be cocky or have some funny canned opener but I've found in my experience it's not neccessary to go overboard straight away. I'm mostly just gauging which girls will write back and letting my profile do the work.

    An interesting thing that is rarely talked about on here is how girls open up guys. Looking back on all the girls who have ever written to me on dating sites it's usually nothing special 'Hi how are you?'. 'Hi, nice to meet you'. 'Are you available for dinner this week?', 'Hi, where are you from?'. They are quite blunt and in many ways rather boring. Their openers don't matter - from a womens perspective they also know that their photos and profile do the work. You check the profile/photos and you are interested or not. The opener is not as important as it seems so there is rarely a magic line that will flood them into your inbox. It's more about what not to say.

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    Default Re: Best POF openers with best results

    I second that: most girls will go right to your profile and have it look. If she doesn't like what she sees, then your opener can't really help you.

    That said, the opener does matter, assuming you have a good profile. From my experience:


    -Observation on something in her profile, proving you actually read it.
    -Something that displays a bit of your personality.
    -Something funny or silly like "I was thinking we'd go parachuting into the city and then find a restaurant wherever we land."

    Basically anything that makes you stand out from the hundreds of guys who A. have no sense of humor and B. mass message girls without reading their profile.


    -Short messages like "hey" or "hi there"
    -Long boring messages like "wow your profile was really intriguing, I can't believe you lived in Venice! You seem really interesting, what else do you like to do for fun?"
    -Insulting messages like "you really need to work on your makeup"

    This is not to say that these always fail, but they don't work as often. Online dating is ultimately a numbers game, so if you sent 20 messages you want to receive 5-8 responses rather than 1-2 (or 0).

    Another thing you might try is making a fake account (find a public domain photo of an average looking guy) and send out 30-40 messages of different types. Then go back, see what worked, make adjustments, and then try it on your own account.


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