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    Exclamation Girl stopped texting and now I find out she gave me HSV-1

    Hello, I had been dating this girl for a month, we connect really fast and I have been leading her alot and being sexual with her, she even came twice when making out, one in my car and one in my room when we where watching a movie, (we havent had sex yet), later she traveled to his father's house in another city for a 2 week vacation, we texted alot around this time, most often she texted me first, we had a good time and even a couple of phone calls, 3 days ago we where texting late, talking about meeting in person when she came back and she told me she wanted to see me and kiss me alot, I told her I wanted her lips too, then she responded she was going to bed.

    The next day I sent her a joke and she just answer with a lots of lols (without her usual darling nickname), then later at night I texted her asking about her day, she didn't answer, next day I call her she didn't answer, I didnt want to come of as needy but I sent her a text with "let me know if you are ok", later she answer with "I'm ok, sorry I haven't texted", I reply with "I'd been calling you, so get in contact with me" later that day she called me and told me about that she had been busy with something, I told her that is ok, I just wanted to make sure she was alright and nobody stole her phone (the city she's visiting is quite dangerous #2 in the world actually [oh naive me!]). She said something about fiding bus tickets since flights are full, and i wish her luck, she says goodbye and sent me kisses.
    Even I could feel something was off but didn't want to come across as needy so I said goodbye too, that was yesterday, since then I havent call her or texted her.

    Now yesterday night I found an ugly looking sore in my lip that looks alot like this:

    w w

    I found out on internet it is a cold sore, at first I thought it was a wound caused by my braces, but I never had something looking bloated like that before. So I came to the conclusion she infect me with Herpes HSV-1 2 weeks ago, which is the incubation time of the virus btw, So I'm thinking she being a major in medicine, probably knows that around this time the symptoms could appear and me talking about her lips in that text triggered this response, that is she probably thinking about telling me or not, and thus breaking contact, I'm angry she didn't told me she had this, even its mostly harmless is a disease, and now today she just texted me a plain "how are you, i'm here in the city again".

    What should I do, i like this girl, and want to bang her, but this is a mess. Do you guys think my guess about her reaction and herpes is correct? I havent kissed any other girl in months.
    Sorry for the long ass wall of text.

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    Default Re: Girl stopped texting and now I find out she gave me HSV-1

    Go see a doctor to confirm your suspicions. That sucks if she did give it you and not tell you. You always run the risk of that, but don't ask the forums about medical advice like this.
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