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    Default Cocky versus Funny on POF

    Anyone play around with overly cocky titles on POF or Okcupid? I've been on and off of the dating sites due to some successes. But for whatever, most of my pulls are 7s and 8s; the 9s...and well not really any 10s online, so the 9s... just never seem to respond or show interest.

    I've messed with my pictures, and have a dynamite profile that I moderately change from time to time (again, shout out to T-Mal), but never get responses from the 9s. My opening lines revolve around the same energy, and I even though I don't go with a scripted one, the 7s and 8s eat it em up, but the 9s never give back. Used to have my title as "If I don't respond in 5 minutes... just wait longer " But am now thinking of going with "If I was anymore fun, they'd invent a new word." Also before my profile starts I was thinking of putting " ***Spoiler Alert*** This will be the best profile you've read..."

    Any feedback on going cocky? I do remember reading in "The Game" Neil posted in the classifieds and found that the key was to be arrogant in the ads, but a perfect gentleman on the dates... any experience with this? Thanks fellas!
    You don't need her

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    Default Re: Cocky versus Funny on POF

    There's a huge natural urge to impress a hot girl and it can destroy your game - especially as hot girls cannot see much of your social proof or talents you could demonstrate in real life. You have to not give a fark. Maybe see it in terms of being 'cheeky' rather than funny or cocky. One advantage you have is almost every guy will say something about her looks or beauty and many other guys will be trying hard to 'show off' so do the exact opposite of all of that. Observe them closely...there are no 10/10 women in reality...there will be something you can see as an archelles heel - her clothes, her photoshoppped photos, her lazy eye...her push up bra....etc

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