I like to think I have good text game, but this HB10 will not let me take the lead. We've been on one date, i kinoed, no kiss. Thats for the second date. Here's are convo. Whats your thoughts?

Me: we are going to go on a fun date soon I got something up my sleeve to pull. I'll let you know when I have free time.

HB: I'll let you know when I have free time actually.

Me: ooh plz. You are not that busy. But fine let me know

Hb: I am very busy and it's also a privilege to date me so keep that in mind.

Me: if your saying your a hot commodity, just know I'm a day trader. I know how to trade commodities.

Hb: thats just rude.

Me: I apologize if that was strong, I'll play nicer.

Hb: meh I'm clear with what I have to offer therefore I'm never really competing with anyone else

Me: ha your a funny one

Hb: not being funny

(I had her earlier give me an up or down, 1-10, left or right, 1-20 pick....i used her results to find out what i watch on netflix)

Me: your netflix movie ended up being stolen with Nicholas cage. Do you have some good luck on your side. Are you Irish?

Hb: no but you must be because my penīs is Dublinnnnn

Me: lololol. Nice one hb. See I told you your a funny one

Hb: i know I am

Me: I bet you never knew what a Rubix cube and penis have something in common?

Hb: bet your wrong

Me: what do they have in common then smarty pants?

Hb: i like to play with both of them ayeeee

Me: and the longer you play with them the harder they get

Me/hb: nights

She's taking control. How do I get her off her damn pedestal and chasing to me? Decline her if she asks me when I'm free.