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    Default Freeze Outs to the next level

    It was as I predicted my GF had me block her hot friend's cuz they were jealous. Now why would they be suddenly jealous the day after they met me and saw us together? Hmmm...seems odd. Anyway girls don't act that way fighting each other about how their friend got some guy. She let me know she is frustrated by them and I feel it is over guys but really?

    Girls don't act like that when I go out to pick them up but the minute I show up to a Bar hanging all over some chick her friends start hitting on me like crazy and then get jealous? So anyway my new texting strategy is 60/40. Basically where she is doing some of the pursuing not just you. It is working wonders. After our date I did hit her up to send pictures and we did text a lot that day but then I stopped and didn't respond. Just let it hang out cuz I learned in texting I don't have to always be the one that ends it.

    She texted me then right in the middle of the night saying I was in trouble if I didn't stay away from her friends if I knew what was good for me. Great job with the Jealousy Plotline by adding one of her hot friends I met on FB. No doubt she saw this and threatened (meekly) to break it off. So I was like sure baby I'll block them for you.

    So I did. Then my EX GF added me who we ran into and I had to block her too. Then she was inviting people to come hang out and I ignored her post and didn't text her for 2 days. She texted late in the night again and told me she wanted to hang out. So by ignoring her for 2 days she hit me up about being jealous and then 2 days later she is asking to hang out. So we are hanging all weekend again looks like and all I did was ignore her a little bit, play the aloof card. Something can be said something powerful about Freeze Outs. This girl has shown little resistance but ignores me sometimes. So I ignored her to give her the chance to hit me up. I figured "if I am always the one texting then I have to come up with everything." And I was thinking I invited her for a date now it's her turn. Well she did exactly that and asked me for a date. But it was by ignoring her and contacting her once on my own this week. She contacted me 3 times so far this week on her own so I clearly ran a Freeze Out correctly . She wasn't doing anything wrong mind you cuz she is always nice and compliant but she did have guys hitting her up about hanging out which kinda irked me so I froze her out. But not just for that but also since I was simply busy and mainly use the phone now for setting dates/meeting up. So I was simply waiting till the weekend to hit her up.
    But I have been sporadically Freezing Her Out for sometime now.

    By doing these freeze outs sometimes she didn't deserve it I was just busy or had other stuff going on so I had to wait. But if you think about it if you hit a chick up everyday for weeks on end she would lose interest so quick to where it is 100% you pursuing and her 0% giving back . I have had many of those. Where girls never block but never saying anything for like ever. Or some that start out okay but turn into a cold fish. So remember the 60/40 rule! So never pursue a girl 100%. Pursue a 60/40 chick. If she is a 50/50 interest level chick no way you getting with that. My chick is 60/40 again. More to come but when I got a chick 70/30 it was the most incredible thing ever she said "I want to get dunked on by and drenched by your sweat Prince Charming" yeah and to believe it I lost her 2 days afterwards for not acting so her interest went to 0/100 literally almost overnight. 60/40 chicks wait to get dunked on but when a chick is 70/30 saying I am ready to get slammed time to rock that broad to the core! Dropping work next time some chick does that to me. More to come on this but I'll be busy with my GF all weekend and if she ditches me I am hitting the town for some 70/30 chicks.
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    Default Re: Freeze Outs to the next level

    I love free zones and you can even see Russell Brand here and there with green success in doing them at the right time


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