Hi guys,

Wasn't exactly sure where to put this so if its in the wrong spot please move it.

Anyway, I've just got back from a holiday in Tenerife where I met this amazing girl, we really hit it off after a rocky start and we both seem really excited about meeting up with each other, however our schedules dictate that its probably going to be around 3-4 weeks until we can meet up.

What I want to know is how I can maintain regular contact over this period of time, whilst still keeping the conversation fresh and exciting.

Few points to consider;

1, we are communicating over Facebook as I had my phone stolen whilst on holiday so until that's replaced its Facebook message only.

2, she goes on holiday to Benidorm on the 25th for 3 nights and she actually asked me to go with her and her friend she was in Tenerife with. Unfortunately, previous arrangements meant I couldn't.

3, The reason for the rocky start was that we met on the Tuesday, I kiss/number closed and then on the Thursday she saw me out with another girl. On the Friday, I built bridges to repair the relationship (made maybe a slight mistake in that at the end of the night I went in for a kiss and she said no, I had to earn it) and she arranged to meet me on the Saturday too (we spent all night together ended up back at her hotel, didn't do anything just cuddling on her bed) and also before I left for home on Sunday she came to my hotel to see me and we spent a few hours chatting. Upon arriving home on Monday she had already messaged me on Facebook asking if I had a safe flight and that she couldn't wait for me to come up and visit.

4, Over the last 2 days we've made small talk but i'm worried now about how the conversation is going to progress in the future.