Hi again everyone

I met this waitress at a restaurant. I go to this place a couple of times every month. The first time I went there I ran a very smooth game. Ever since I have had a lot of attention from the waitresses. I am definitely getting a lot more attention than anyone else. Normally there will always be at least one of them standing at my table and they Kino me more than I kino them. I haven't asked for any telephone numbers but a few of them asked for mine. I usually give my card when they ask. Only one (HB8.5) did actually contact me, not via phone but via email. I tried a few things but she doesn't bite on any hooks really. She has been writing to me every day for the last few weeks, but only short things like hi how are you. A couple of times I tried to not reply, but she still keeps writing. I have been a bit tied up with other girls, so I haven't been able to ask her out. Hence I have just tried to keep the email game alive.

However this coming week I will be free so I told her that next week we'll go out for some fun. She said "sure" (doesn't sound too comittal). Then I replied with something else unrelated to the subject.

I haven't heard from her since.

My question is now. Should I keep waiting for her reply, or should I try to contact her. Or is she up to something completely different, and I better forget about her.

Thanks in advance for any help