So I find myself in a somewhat unfamiliar situation. I met a girl on Friday night. We got on really well, we ended up spending the whole weekend together. I went to her place and we sealed the deal. Friday night was the first time I met her in my life and then I spent the next 48 hours with her.

I'm used to chasing girls and the whole 'don't be took keen' idea being key to the strategy. I've also slept with girls knowing I'm never going to see them again. This girl who I met at the weekend, I would like to see her again, she seems pretty cool. She also seems really keen. For me this is uncharted territory. Do the same principles apply?

In my country of residence, this week is very short as Thursday and Friday are national holidays. She is going back to her home town for the long weekend. I'm not sure if I should try to hang out with her before she goes, or leave it until she comes back.

Any thoughts would be most appreciated