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    Default Sticking point after initial rapport and friendly

    Hi guys
    I have seen that I am good at talking to women and teasing them and doing all the push and pull thing. Some of my female friends who are frank with me actually think I am good at it. They say women do find me funny, smart and enjoy my company and flirt with me too.

    However in most cases its later on that after I have made the initial rapport that I find it hard to close the deal and make the woman feel at ease as I gain her confidence. What do I say/do to make it go the mile? Any tips !!

    I know I am supposed to make her open up about herself but that does not work if she is not attracted to me. I am an average looking guy and not really tall (5'6") but I dont really think that matters, well not always.

    Hope to get some help on this.Thx

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    Default Re: Sticking point after initial rapport and friendly

    Well, if she's not attracted to you, then you don't need to worry about opening her up, since she is not going to sleep with you anyway.

    If your female friends are actually trustworthy (and I would doubt your friend would ever tell you that you suck at flirting), then it might simply take more time for her to open up and "go the mile" as you put it.
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