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Thread: HB10's: The Final Frontier

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    Default HB10's: The Final Frontier

    So I said it once but I'll say it again. I leveled up. When I started the game 2 years ago I was afraid to even approach women in a nightclub or Bar. But now I have become the social proof king in the Club and the bomb at the Bar I go to I just own it with the hottest women. I used to love validation from any girl and getting a number from a HB6+ was a total victory. Then I sucked it up at texting game and sucked balls. Now though?

    I can approaches 9's on a dime. I no longer close anything less than an 8 by default. My n-close rate this year is 100% on actual attempts. I used to love the validation but now 9's validate me so often and getting their numbers look so easy I have decided to take it to the next level and only "all-in" game 10's. 9's no longer require any special tactics I just used my scripted routines and change up a few things but pretty much solid.

    So onto the 10's. I really don't go out much until Summer which is where I got my current rotation so looks like back to self-improvement. But next year my agenda for my Summer Gauntlet is specifically gaming 10's. My goal this year was high approaches to get good and getting better at dating. Well I got so good at dating I had to approach way way less cuz I have been dating all Summer. So my goal next year is dating 10's the final frontier but I'll stick with my 9's to keep my skills polished. Sucks that the hardest part is finding a 10! But truly a 10's validation is what I strive for now. 9's validate me like crazy and I just ignore it no longer does it for me...

    They are just no longer a challenge. They make things so easy. But yes I'll fly with the hawks before I can soar with the eagles. Gaming a rotation of 9's right now. So I'll be back on here letting everyone know how it is going with the 10's when I get started back up. Sadly I am just so attention driven wanting what I can't have and having what I don't want.
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    Default Re: HB10's: The Final Frontier

    Regarding to game to game tens & get threesomes & orgys with all girls, why can't we dream & succeed? (Pack the condoms)


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