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    Default Some Questions About Tinder

    Now I had been taking a sabbatical from online game. I deleted all my online profiles and removed myself from mailing lists.

    But then there's Tinder, which I'm interested in trying. Mainly I'd like to use it to get nearby chicks to maybe meet me at gigs that I'm playing at. I haven't fully decided yet. Anyone have an idea on using Tinder in the.context of a musician?

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    Default Re: Some Questions About Tinder

    Step 1: Cheesy pick up line. Girls expect and love it on Tinder in my experience.

    Step 2: Any follow up required after she responds.

    Step 3: "I'm playin a gig tomorrow at 8." Close it out however you want.

    Tinder is no-hassle, no muss, no fuss. Easiest online game out there imo, because it's entirely mobile, so responses are usually fairly quick.

    EDIT: A line I've been experimenting with lately on Tinder and POF is the Steps to Profit meme. Goes like this:

    "So here's the plan:

    Step 1. Grab some food.
    Step 2. Tell embarrassing stories until our lungs burst from laughing.
    Step 3. Create a get-rich scheme together.
    Step 4. ??????
    Step 5. Profit."

    You can change it however you want but I've had pretty positive responses so far. I use it as an opener, but it could also be used as your close. Do "Step 1: Grab some food. Step 2: Come to my gig at 8. Step 3: Create....blah blah." Good luck m8.

    SECOND EDIT: I just realized I've been using it so much it's how I opened my response to you, lol.

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