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Thread: I can't get a read on her, does she like me? How do I find out?

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    Default I can't get a read on her, does she like me? How do I find out?

    I have a job right now and have been working with a client for 3 months now. It is in sales consulting so I have a lot of mobility and I have a clause in my contract where a client can hire me out if they like the work I've done. I have a rep I work with that is only a few years older than me and have had a fair deal of interaction with her over the phone and via email.

    It was all work until a few weeks ago when the client expressed interest in hiring me. I've gone through 2 interviews and it seems that they will bring me on by next month. She and I have had a lot of emails lately about our similar upbringings, sports, and non work related things. She said she is available to me to have all my questions about this new city.

    Here is my problem, I like her, yes it is a crush and we have never met in person and I am dealing with that. Hypothetically if I get hired and move I would like to be careful. I have never dated a coworker, and want to tip toe around this as carefully as possible. Is there anything I can do in the meantime to sort this out? I'm fine with taking my time and establishing a friendship then going from there. I'm calling her this week to discuss the move and find out more about this new city. She is a Midwestern girl and I am from the same region, sometimes it is hard to figure out if they are just being friendly or truly interested. I have a few friends that say something could be there but I can't know for sure. Thoughts?

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    Default Re: I can't get a read on her, does she like me? How do I find out?

    If you've never met & all your conversations have been about work, school, common interests, upbringing, etc... then it's not attraction. It's "potential friends".

    You have to FLIRT in order to build attraction / curiosity.

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    Default Re: I can't get a read on her, does she like me? How do I find out?

    Yeah, just don't. Keep her as a "maaaaybe", but under all the other "probably" and "definitely" you should be having on the side
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